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Bitcoin Has Found Its Natural Vibration
Technical analysis of Bitcoin charts shows that you can see price bouncing off walls of support and resistance, this shows price has 'managed moves', completed by very large players.
Silver Shorts Must Be Worried
Gold is tickling new all-time highs yet silver is 50% away from all-time highs, silver shorts are ripe for an attack.
Is Fed Balance Sheet Expansion On The Table In 2023?
The U.S. ran about a US$1.4 trillion deficit in 2022, this will swell to US$2.5 trillion in 2023 (dotted black line, left axis).
Liquidity Cycle To Bottom In 2023 - Update
The Pied Piper bearish news scares many uninformed investors out of their positions but is history about to repeat and another risk-on period is soon to be born.
Love Of Property Investment Will Die
2023 will be the last year of grace before world wide mortgage rates go nuts.
U.S. Dollar Lower In 2023
A US dollar rally is a condition of things not being well in the world, a falling US dollar is more calm arriving in the markets.


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Something Just Snapped In Saudi Money Markets
6 years ago

As per JIM RICKARDS Saudi most at risk of un pegging from the USD

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