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We are financial market enthusiasts using methods expressed by the Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff with a few of our own proprietary tools. provides online stock and index charts with commentary. We are not brokers, bankers, financial planners, hedge fund traders or investment ... more


The Great Bitcoin Slide
The great bitcoin sell-off is very much like riding the world's longest water slide.
Australia To Enter A Very Sad Period
If a US recession does happen (say) late 2019/20, ASX will catch more than a cough, it will be most likely be the full-blown bird flue.
Aussie Gold Stock Review
After all mergers and acquisitions that have already started in the gold mining sector. Newcrest Mining can grow via acquisition and merger.
Bitcoin Is Entering The Dead Zone
Bitcoin and the technology boom of 1990's have so much in common, you would think they are twins!
Cycle Moves To Profit From In 2019
Everything has a cyclical manner, some more than others. And when price and cycle run together, it great to be in it for the ride.The laws of nature seem to coordinate fundamentals, price and time and the outcome can be seen via a sine wave cycle.
Bitcoin, How Do They Get Those $50k Forecasts?
Popular securities are controlled by long term price channels. A technical analysis of Bitcoin and Apple.


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Something Just Snapped In Saudi Money Markets
2 years ago

As per JIM RICKARDS Saudi most at risk of un pegging from the USD

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The Great Bitcoin Slide #BTC #Bitcoin #BTC #Bitcoin $BTC: We can not be serious all the time, so folks time for a market funny! less
Australia to enter a very sad period - Update $AORD: The ASX has held up since 2009, and it has done this ugly! more
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Gold's Wyckoff Price Road Map
We must understand gold is controlled large positions of futures longs, futures shorts, futures calls buy and sell, futures puts buy and sells.
Rtt Browsing Latest..
Please review a collection of my web browsing results.
Silver COT Reports Are Bullish, Cycles Will Tell Us When
The COT reports are bullish for silver; expecting an imminent spike in silver with a panic wave of short covering.
Kelly Heros Sgt. OddBall Philosophy To Read Stock Charts
Point and Figure charts to study positive and negative price waves
The Financial Markets Seven Year Cycle - Shemitah Study
Do the markets follow the biblical 7- year cycle known as "Shemitah?" You be the judge by viewing the following charts and historical data.

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