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Gold Gann Angle Update - Friday, September 11
Gold's bullish trend has worked well in 2020, so what is next over the immediate 3 to 6 months? Will we continue to see a golden future.
Stocks Are Not Done Yet!
There is a lot of noise on the web saying stocks are done, and this rally is about to crash any time! Just maybe that is not the plan, ... well yet!
Crypto Boost From Weakness In USD
High tech crypto is lifting off, but it is not acting on its own, other markets are assisting crypto higher.
Silver Big Channel
Silver ready to pause or simply explode.
US Dollar Cycle Review
If investors can correctly forecast the US Dollar then their portfolio will be standing on better ground.
Dow 2020 Crash Watch - Updated
Like 1929 the markets have bounced. This time it is on the back of the FED $6.5T money printing. Can the FED blow $6T every time the market rolls down to test support?


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Something Just Snapped In Saudi Money Markets
4 years ago

As per JIM RICKARDS Saudi most at risk of un pegging from the USD

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The Financial Markets Seven Year Cycle - Shemitah Study
Do the markets follow the biblical 7- year cycle known as "Shemitah?" You be the judge by viewing the following charts and historical data.

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