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I received undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and finance from the University of California, Los Angeles, 1968. My professional expertise is in macro-economics; currency and trade strategies; interest rates and yield curve analysis and fixed income strategies. For the past two decades ...more

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Canadian Banks Signal The Coming Economic Downturn
The Canadian banks registered very disappointing performance in the second quarter as profits fell by as much as 20% y/y.
Why Central Banks Forecasts Totally Missed The Surge In Inflation
The Bank of Canada offers an explanation.
What Lies Behind The Downgrading Of Canadian Banks
Once the darlings of Canadian investors, the Canadian banks have fallen out of favour and recently received a series of downgrades.
The Bank Of Canada Sets The Bar Way Too Low When It Comes To Economic Performance
Canada’s growth is coming, almost, exclusively from population expansion, fuelled by ever-annual higher immigration flows.
Monetary Contraction Is Now In Full Force In Canada
The relationship between the monetary aggregates and microeconomic variables is used to forecast how economic activities, affect the economy’s health.
Canadian Bond Investors Are Totally Disconnected From The Bank Of Canada
The Bank of Canada seems to want to march to its own drummer, mainly because domestic economic conditions do not warrant further restrictions.
Does The Bank Of Canada Protest Too Much About An Overheated Economy?
Bank economists argue that there is no output gap between actual and potential growth. and the economy is using all its resources to the max.
North American Bond Markets Flag A Recession As Central Bankers Continue To Raise Rates
Given the long lags between instituting a rate hike and its subsequent impact, we can expect that an economic contraction will be apparent later in 2023.
Central Bankers Have Yet To Recognize That Inflation Is Past Its Peak
Evidence is building that inflation has peaked and is heading south.
The Bank Of Canada Misses The Point When It Speaks Of Tight Labor Markets
Many analysts have raised the prospects of a wage-price spiral gripping the economy such as that experienced in the 1970s.
The Federal Reserve Is Spreading Pain Around The World
The surge in the US dollar index is forcing nations everywhere to raise domestic interest rates to stem an outflow of capital.
As The Canadian Inflation Rate Starts To Decline, Will The Bank Of Canada Pause?
The release of the Canadian CPI for August will not likely change the Bank of Canada’s mind, but it should give it some pause regarding future rate hikes.
Central Banks Dig In Their Heels As Recessionary Forces Build
As central bankers take their battle against inflation to the wider public, there is a growing chorus warning against too much monetary tightening engendering a recession.
Is The Canadian Economy Vulnerable To Higher Interest Rates
With each successive increase in the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, the financial media anticipate dire consequences for the consumer and especially, homeowners.
What Are The Canadian Banks Going To Do With All These Deposits?
Among the many facets of the economy affected by the pandemic were commercial bank deposits.
Comparing The 1970s Stagnation To Today’s Economic Conditions
The overriding difference between the 1970s and the 2020s relates to the magnitude of the supply shocks.
1 to 16 of 402 Posts
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