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Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst, daily self-publishing extensive free stock market and precious metals analyses with trade calls. Always checking dozens of charts, she integrates their messages with economics, in-depth experience and studies in market ... more

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Daily Reprieve Or More
S&P 500 modest risk-on-turn talked yesterday, is underway – with adequate support from bonds.
Short-Lived Indeed
S&P 500 sold off hard after the opening spike above 4,260 failed, immediately failed. Bonds gradually joined, in a risk-off fashion, and even though TLT didn‘t plunge, tech totally did – and the same goes for value.
Turning Around For Good?
S&P 500 rose incessantly during the regular session but bonds don‘t yet confirm the decline would be over.
Still Bearish Stocks?
S&P 500 kept plunging into the close, with yields rising across the board – confirming the slide as much as tech weakness.
Where Next, Bears?
S&P 500 is bound to decline again as the prior bear market rally ran its course – the fresh dive to the lows is on, and yields confirm.
Hawkish Fed „Surprise“
S&P 500 is bound to recover from yesterday‘s intraday setback – the animal spirits and positive seasonality are there to overcome the brief realization that the Fed talks seriously about tightening and entrenched inflation.
Walking On Sunshine
S&P 500 has a bit more to run before running into headwinds, which would happen still this week.
Good Volatility Ahead
Cryptos are taking a small break, highlighting the perils of today. The boat won‘t be rocked too much.
Business As Usual
S&P 500 bulls got enough fuel from the Fed, and the run can continue – albeit at a slower pace.
Snowball‘s Chance In Hell
S&P 500 bulls are on the (short-term) run, and definitely need more fuel from the Fed. Significant dovish turn – they would get some, but it wouldn‘t be probably enough to carry risk-on trades through the weekend.
Not Yet Toast
S&P 500 got into that precarious position (4,160s) yesterday, but managed to hold above.
Hanging By A Thread
S&P 500 bulls again missed the opportunity, and credit markets likewise.
Now, That‘s Better
S&P 500 missed a good opportunity yesterday, but the short-term bullish case isn‘t lost.
Not Passing Smell Test
S&P 500 tech driven upswing makes the advance a bit suspect, and prone to consolidation. I would have expected value to kick in to a much greater degree given the risk-on posture in the credit markets.
Ringing The Bell
S&P 500 once again gave up intraday gains, and credit markets confirmed the decline. Value down significantly more than tech, risk-off anywhere you look.
It‘s Not Over Yet
S&P 500 missed an opportunity to rise (even if just to open the week on a positive note), and its prospects for today aren‘t way too much brighter.
1 to 16 of 277 Posts
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