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Easy Money And Future Inflation
We wouldn’t be surprised to see a longer lasting period of economic weakness. We hope not, but as each month passes, it just doesn’t look like the economy will bounce back soon.
At Home With Lowe's
Overall, more than three-quarters of all U.S. homeowners have done some type of home improvement project this year. And despite the recession, Americans have the wherewithal to fund home renovations.
Alkermes: Progress In Antipsychotics
Alkermes has the potential to generate solid sales based on its ability to alleviate serious mental illness while safety mitigating weight gain that is common in antipsychotics.
3 Plays On E-Commerce: Walmart, Shopify And PayPal
It’s easy to get lost in the noise — especially as we get closer to the U.S. election. But the reality is the result of the election shouldn’t really have an impact on the stock market’s megatrend.
Bond Buyers Can Board Boeing
Boeing supports airline carriers worldwide, including U.S. and allied government customers.
3 Ideas For Monthly Dividends
If you’re relying on your portfolio for income, monthly dividends are a godsend, as managing your cash flow from stocks paying quarterly is a total headache. Here are 3 ideas for monthly payouts.
1-800-Flowers: A Blooming Buy
Covid-19 has been a boon for 1-800-Flowers, a leading e-commerce seller of flowers, gourmet snacks and fruit, and candy. 1-800-Flowers seems capable of climbing at least 15% in the year ahead.
Intel: An Undervalued Chip Giant
Intel Corporation is an "old tech" company in some people’s eyes. But the company has continued to evolve and has become the dominant player in chips for PCs, servers, and data centers. The acquisition of Mobileye may make Intel a market leader.
3 ETFs To Ride A Wealth Wave In Renewables
We want investments that can ride the big trend already in place — and that also stand to cash in if the Green New Deal becomes policy. So how can you play it? There are, in fact, three very liquid alternative energy ETFs you can buy.
Flaherty & Crumrine: A "Dynamic" Play On Preferreds
Investors looking for defensive exposure to high-yielding securities are well served by investigating the preferred shares sector, as preferreds provide a hedge against market volatility as their share price tends to fluctuate less than stocks.
Good As Gold
By historical standards, gold is still under-owned; global investors now have about 3% of their assets in gold, which is half the size of allocations in 1980. Meanwhile, gold-backed exchange-traded funds represent only 2.5% of global ETF holdings.
BioTelemetry: Cardiac Monitor Feels The Beat
BioTelemetry came public as CardioNet in 2008; the company provides remote cardiac monitoring for medical diagnostics and clinical trials and is pushing into other outpatient monitoring markets.
3 Bond Fund Buys For A Low Rate World
The 30-year bond pays 1.4%, well below the 25-year average of 4.4%. Don’t look for much improvement soon.
Ebay - "Still Relevant" In The Digital Marketplace
Remember back when eBay was the auction site that introduced the first internet generation to the idea of e-commerce? The landscape has changed and eBay seemed to fade into the background. Yet, eBay remains relevant in today’s electronic ecosystem.
Edison: Turning On The Lights Since 1886
Edison International (EIX) is a renewable energy company that is active in energy generation and operates in a highly regulated industry with high barriers to entry.
Mastercard: Drive-Thru Profits?
Mastercard recently announced that it is partnering with a pair of start-ups to remove cashiers from the fast food business. It’s another shot fired in its war against cash, and friction. Rest assured, Mastercard is going to win.
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