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Are Utilities Still Safe Havens?
Conservative Holdings currently in range are certainly safe enough for anyone to buy and hold now. Two electric utilities make the list: Edison International and Exelon Corp.
Trading Options On Futures | Carley Garner
While options are flexible tools, many brokers do not offer the full scope of options. Carley Garner explains why this is, and discusses with Dan Gramza why it is important to have a broker who understands the different nuances of options.
5 Biotechs In Search Of A Coronavirus Vaccine
In serious situations like this, the FDA would certainly fast-track any promising cure or vaccine that is submitted. But even that implies a lengthy delay. Many companies are racing to be the first out of the gate. Here are some of them.
The Logic Behind Stock Market Technical Analysis | Ralph Acampora
Ralph Acampora explains the logic behind technical analysis. He notes that a study of fundamentals will give you a good understanding of a company. You need to study the technicals to have an understanding of the stock price.
All About REITs
Chris Barry describes the logic and history behind real-estate investment trusts (REITs).
Turnaround Expert Turns Cautious On High Yield Bonds
As the coronavirus outbreak threatens the record-long economic expansion, and potentially the record-long bull market in stocks, we thought it would be valuable to turnaround investors to comment on the state of the high yield bond market.
Low Beta Boosts Omega
Omega Healthcare Investors a real estate investment trust (REIT) with investments in 950 senior-care facilities, almost all of which are in the US.
Three Ways To Look At Homebuilding
Three homebuilding stocks each chosen by a different investment methodology.
The Future Of Tech Investing | Howard Tullman
Howard Tullman explains why the focus of technology investing and growth will be in three sectors: voice technology, payment technology, and wearable medical technology.
Options Strategies For Bull & Bear Markets
Using the S&P 500, the Volatility Index and the General Market Index to determine how bullish or bearish the market is and what option positions to effect.
Dividend Aristocrats With 3%+ Yields
The S&P Dividend Aristocrats are companies that have raised their regular dividend payouts consistently. The group as a whole tends to be considered as a growth investment, because of them have outperformed the broader market over very long periods.
Hidden Fees & Sustainability Investing | Christine Benz
Christine Benz from Morningstar warns about hidden fees in investing. Even though many firms advertise no-fee trading, it can often be a bait and switch once they have you on their sight.
3 Plays On E-Commerce
FinTech and large financial institutions have been transforming the payments landscape, providing faster, more secure, and increasingly mobile payment options.
The Protection Of Precious Metals | Sean Brodrick
Sean Broderick discusses the protection that precious metals can provide your portfolio. He argues that while every fiat currency has eventually gone to zero, precious metals (gold in particular) are the only real thing.
Earnings, Margin Debt And Moral Hazard
S&P 500 Operating Earnings have increased significantly and have helped fuel the 50% gain in the S&P 500 since mid-2016.
Greece, Risks And The Project Of Hercules
Greece owes 9.4 billion Euros to the IMF, ranking only behind Argentina and Ukraine. Governments have slashed spending, but at the cost of services and capital investment. Pension, tax, and bankruptcy reforms have occurred, but more are needed.
1 to 16 of 169 Posts
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