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EUR/USD Past, Present, And Future
Currently, the EUR/USD is trading at prices close to where it was 20 years ago when the euro was first created. Now that it’s back to its starting point, will history be repeated with another years-long uptrend, or will it drop below parity?
Alphabet Still Spells Long-Term Success
Tech giant Alphabet recently released its second quarter results, reporting $70 billion in revenues. With $125 billion in cash, $26 billion in debt, and over $95 billion in cash flow, the company can continue weathering any storms that come its way.
Boyd Gaming Bets On FanDuel
Boyd Gaming has been benefiting from efforts to cut costs as well as from recent acquisitions. We see the company’s partnership with FanDuel and the expansion of its online betting platform as future growth drivers.
3-D Portfolio: Discounts, Diversification, And Dividends
When it comes to high-yield closed-end funds, I’m a big fan of the “three Ds” — discounts, diversification, and dividends. Today, we’ll look at a three-fund, bargain-priced “3-D” CEF portfolio you can buy today.
DXC Tech Finds Football Fans
To help the cream rise to the top, I maintain a personal hot list of today’s most compelling buyback stocks. Let's take a look at a recent addition to this list: DXC Technology Company.
Rev Up Rivian
When Rivian Automotive, Inc. came to market at $78 per share, we felt it was just too overpriced to recommend. Its market capitalization was $68 billion without even selling a product yet. However, we are recommending it now.
Enviva: "Growing Money On Trees"
Enviva Inc. is an investment where money literally grows on trees. This company is the largest producer of wood pellets in the world, and it ships them to countries looking to transition away from using coal for their energy needs.
Growth Stocks With An Income Twist
As a unique closed-end equity fund, the Virtus Equity & Convertible Income Fund NIE has a balanced, risk-adjusted approach that is perfectly suited for all market conditions. For investors looking for better returns, this remains an ideal fund.
5 Bargains “Thrown Out With The Bathwater”
Volatility comes with the equity territory ... and stocks have proved very rewarding for those who remember that time in the market trumps market timing.
A Closed-End Fund To Bank On Banks
With large U.S. banks performing well in the Federal Reserve stress tests, investors may be optimistic about their ability to return capital to shareholders during the current economic roller coaster.
Don't Sour On Apple Yet
Apple shares slumped 23% in the first six months of 2022, the stock’s worst first half for any year since 1995, when it slumped 34%. Since 1990, Apple shares have dropped in the first half of a year 11 times. In those years, shares often rebounded.
A Sweet Options Play On Hershey
Today, we are going to get into a new position that I think will deliver a blissfully profitable kiss to our portfolio. That’s because today’s new position is in a company literally known for its “kisses,” and it is The Hershey Company.
Six Things That Might Go Right
During bear markets, it’s easy to talk about all the things going wrong in the market, economy, and the world. And in today’s current market environment, there is no shortage of things to worry about. But what about the things that could go right?
Retirement Bets On Cambria
This is not a good time for investors seeking income to reach for higher yields. Rising interest rates and the possibility the Fed might trigger a recession increase the risk of many high-yielding investments. So, what can you do?
5 Lessons For Long-Term Investors
We are officially in a bear market, with the averages down over 20%. So, what does that mean going forward? I certainly don’t know and it is likely that most experts don’t either. But there are some key lessons to keep in mind during bear markets.
Innovative Industrial: A Cannabis Favorite
While there are many penny stock promoters and shady opportunists operating in the Wild West fringes of the cannabis industry, few are the companies that might tempt more savvy investors. One such business is Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.
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