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Algonquin Power Utilities - Renewable Gains
Algonquin Power, with its growing portfolio of clean, renewable wind, solar, hydro, and thermal power generation facilities, sees President Biden’s clean energy initiatives as having the potential to create more investment opportunities.
An ETF For Foreign-Issued Floating Rates
To help position an income portfolio for rising rates, the one-of-a-kind Invesco Variable Rate Preferred ETF  may be of interest. The ETF offers exposure to both U.S. and foreign-issued floating- and variable-rate preferred stocks.
A Rare Opportunity At Kinder Morgan
We have a rare opportunity to buy blue-chip Kinder Morgan (KMI​​​​​​​) at a discount to its growing dividend. As this bargain climbs out of the basement, we see the stock actually has some “catching up” to do with respect to its dividend.
Herc Holdings: A Boom In Cranes
There is big demand for filmed entertainment, which has gone from a headwind to a nice tailwind, and Herc Holdings looks to benefit from this trend.
An ETF To Hedge Interest Rate Volatility And Inflation
There's a way to turn the corrosive effects of inflation into a force that helps. One potential way to do so is via the Quadratic Interest Rate Volatility and Inflation Hedge ETF.
Hershey: Sweet!
While the company remains a confectionary giant, Hershey has expanded its offerings to become a player in the salty snacks industry. The continued transformation of its product line is helping to drive healthy growth for the firm.
A Trio Of Junior Mining Favorites
In this text, a leading specialist in smaller-cap and lower-priced mining stocks highlights a trio of gold and silver opportunities.
Brush Up On Asset Managers
Here are two yield names with capital appreciation potential; both are asset managers, Artisan Partners Asset Management (APAM) and Westwood Holdings (WHG).
Brookfield Renewable - Sustainable Profits
For nearly eight years as a Conservative Holding in our model portfolio, Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. has reliably built cash flow from a growing global portfolio of contracted hydro, wind and solar assets.
IBM Preparing For Changes Ahead
In 2019, I said IBM must generate more revenue from its Red Hat acquisition for its share price to rally. It has taken longer than I expected, but it appears that the company may finally be proving the value of that transaction.
3 Plays On Discount Retailers
Here, we take a look at 3 plays on big, discount, retailing stocks. The companies we look at include Walmart, Target, and Kohl's.
Bank On Jeffries For "Hidden Yields"
Jefferies Financial Group has been selling off its side hustles to focus solely on financial services. With all the money sloshing around, this sector is a great place to be.
ETFs For A "Long Commodities Trade"
Allocating to commodities as an asset class can be tricky depending on your age, net worth, risk profile, etc., so what level of commodity allocation that’s reasonable will differ between individuals.
Auto Sales Drive Gains At Ally Financial
This year’s consumer-driven economic rebound provided the perfect environment for Ally Financial. Analysts expect robust auto sales for much of the rest of this year, though such torrid growth can’t continue forever.
Halliburton: Oil Without Risk
I want to add an oil field services company to the portfolio — and it’s leveraged for higher oil demand without facing the risk of exploration. The one I have in mind ranks #1 in North America, and it’s as much about technology as it about oil.
Chevron: Best-In-Class Production Growth
In this volatile environment, we believe that a company’s balance sheet strength and placement on the cost curve are critical, and we favor integrated oil companies that are well-positioned to manage a potentially long period of volatile oil prices.
1 to 16 of 352 Posts
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