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Ebay - "Still Relevant" In The Digital Marketplace
Remember back when eBay was the auction site that introduced the first internet generation to the idea of e-commerce? The landscape has changed and eBay seemed to fade into the background. Yet, eBay remains relevant in today’s electronic ecosystem.
Edison: Turning On The Lights Since 1886
Edison International (EIX) is a renewable energy company that is active in energy generation and operates in a highly regulated industry with high barriers to entry.
Mastercard: Drive-Thru Profits?
Mastercard recently announced that it is partnering with a pair of start-ups to remove cashiers from the fast food business. It’s another shot fired in its war against cash, and friction. Rest assured, Mastercard is going to win.
CFRA Research Eyes Infrastructure Stocks
The general election is fast approaching. A clean sweep in November may likely be the best-case scenario for a large infrastructure bill to finally get to the finish line, which could be a positive catalyst for construction materials companies.
Biotech Tools Boost 10X Genetics
Scientists don’t know why some people with a particular variation in their DNA develop cancer, while others with the same variation don’t. 10X Genomics' technology suite enables the study of cells and systems at an unprecedented level of resolution.
Clean Energy Fuels - Catalysts For Renewable Fuel
Clean Energy Fuels provides natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets, helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Sales decreased due to the pandemic, yet we are still confident in the company’s ability to turn a profit.
Do Stocks Predict The Election Outcome?
2020 has been a year for the ages, but the craziness may not be through with us yet. There is a presidential election coming up in November that may be different than ever before.
Genuine Parts And Emerson Electric: 60 Years Of Dividend Boosts
For investors who would like to add something new to their portfolio, I think these two long-term dividend paying stocks look very attractive.
Oaktree Speciality: A BDC For Contrarian Income
Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation is a lesson in the importance of capable management. OCSL boasts a $1.6 billion portfolio spread across 119 companies in a wide range of industries.
MetLife: A Preferred Play For Income Investors
MET reported 1Q 2020 adjusted net income of $1.4 billion or $1.58 per share, up almost 7% from a year earlier.
Perdoceo: A Smart Play In Higher Education
With the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to remain fairly benign, revenue increased 12.5% year-over-year to $176.0 million as a 45.3% jump in new student enrollments led to a 20.1% rise in total enrollments. 
Don't Let Politics Alter Your Investing Strategy
We prefer not to let politics get in the way of good market decisions. However, at times like these, when so many readers seem convinced the election will tank the market, the juxtaposition of politics and investing is difficult to ignore
Ares Capital: A Bet On Business Development
Ares Capital is the largest Business Development Company, with a $6.2 billion market cap. The firm had a good quarter, although lending activity was muted. In the event of a slow recovery, it would expect to see good opportunities.
Medtronic: A Value In Medical Equipment
Medtronic experienced low-to-mid teen revenue declines in its Cardiac & Vascular, Minimally Invasive, and Restorative Therapies businesses, and a 5% decline in Diabetes.
CVS Health: A Prescription For Growth & Income
The drug-store chain is playing a big role in COVID-19 testing and potentially will do the same in vaccination when that comes along. CVS administered about 2 million tests into July, with turnaround times averaging three days.
3 New Income Favorites From Dividend Detective
The market, ignoring the pandemic news, has rewarded stocks that beat analyst forecasts, even if those forecasts called for a 50% drop in earnings from last year.
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