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Tackling Options Trading Tactics, The Outlook For Tech, & 2024 Market Trends
In this video, we discuss options trading tactics and stock market trends. We also cover the loss of momentum in sectors like tech and financials.
Beyond The Magnificent 7: Stocks, Sectors, & Strategies For A Broader Market With New Leaders
In this video, we share our takes on the market as of the end of Q1 2024. The advance is broadening out to include leaders in sectors other than tech.
When “Dumb Money” Is Smart: Social Arbitrage & Spotting Trends A Bit Ahead Of Wall Street
In this video, we discuss the idea of "social arbitrage," and how to use it to prosper.
Why Investors Shouldn’t Give Up On AI, “Big Tech” In 2024 (Plus: The Path To S&P 5,100+)
In this video, we explain why investors should not give up on Artificial Intelligence or “Big Tech” this year, even after such a strong 2023 for both.
Inflation, Growth, & Credit: What To Expect From These Three Economic Drivers
Inflation. Growth. and Credit are three key forces that will impact America's economic outlook in 2024. The only question
Talking About Recession Risk, The Fed, And Smart Options Trading Moves In This Market
In this episode, we chat about the risk of recession, the outlook for Fed policy, and the best options market moves for traders in this market.
Rockwell’s Heitkoetter Talks Options Strategies, “Wheel Options,” Volatility, & Value Stocks
In this video, Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading Services, explains how he began investing as a high schooler with one share of Volkswagen.
Jobs, Salary Data Spring Stock Market Bear Trap. Next: Q3 Earnings For SPX Firms
The “higher for longer” interest rate trade floundered after September employment, wage, and salary data came in mixed. Result? Stocks and bonds rallied sharply along with gold and silver.
Bull Vs. Bear: Two Competing Stock Market Strategist Takes For 2023 And Beyond
In this video, I sit with David Rosenberg and Brian Belski as they share their takes on the market - and their outlooks could not be more divergent.
Mixed Inflation Data. Fed Likely To Sit Tight With Interest Rates Next Week!
The August CPI report showed headline inflation in line with economist estimates, but core inflation was a bit hotter than expected.
Fed Challenges Ahead: Labor Market, Inflation, And Consumer Momentum
Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist of Stifel Financial, sits down with us at the Investment Masters Symposium in Las Vegas to discuss the current economic outlook and the Federal Reserve's actions.
Dow Makes It 13! Can Stocks Extend Gains On Fed Pause Talk, Bullish Data?
The Dow is on a Historic Run, with 13 “Up” Days and Counting. Can Bullish GDP, Claims, Fed, and Inflation data make it 14?
Worried About This Market? Try Seeking Solace (And Yield) In These 4 Sectors
You're not alone if you're worried about this market. If you want to lean against the tide, we recommend leading names in these four market sectors.
Bayer: Aspirin To Crop Protection
Pharmaceutical drugs account for 41% of Bayer's revenues and include Xarelto, Eylea, Mirena, Kogenate and Nexavar. Its OTC product lineup is filled with household names like Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Claritin, and Coppertone to name a few.
Strategies For Navigating A Recession
The economy is slowing, and financial markets are unfazed. In this video, we explore why this happening, why the equity market may be getting it wrong, and how Defined Outcome ETFs are helping investors stay in control amidst the chaos.
Bear Market Scare? Inflation & Inverted Yield Curve
No doubt you have already read many articles telling you how high inflation and an inverted yield curve have foreshadowed every recession in modern history.
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