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Kurt Kallaus is the author of Exec Spec and the KDelta trading model for stocks and all commodity futures. In the 1980’s, with a business degree and having worked in manufacturing, Kurt Kallaus engaged with a private Investment Partnership specializing in commodities and stock ... more

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COVID Crushes Crude Oil Demand
Currently, about a third of the world's population has been mandated to limit or halt economic activity, creating a massive shortage of storage space for the growing Oil supply glut.
Trump Mandates An End To Bear Market
Like a balloon under water, the stock market zoomed higher on unmanned algorithmic trading by 20% this past week on a trifecta of Monetary, Fiscal and Executive actions indicating our economy will not be allowed to fail.
When To Buy The COVID Crash
High-quality stocks are down over 70%, and the broad markets are down by a third with some of the gloomiest oversold sentiment levels in history.
Bonds Yield To Covid-19
When the global pandemic was just beginning to spread outside of China in early February, most expected multiple Federal Funds Rate cuts.
Government-Mandated Recession
The economy (GDP) will contract at least short term and the lack of guidance or earnings clarity by companies have sent the stock market into free fall for the past three weeks.
Broken China Supply Chain
The world relies upon China as the critical supply chain for the world. They produce 70 to 80% of the world's air-conditioners and cell phones.
EC Pandemic Of Fear Threatens Oil And Stock Prices
Global government responses to combating the contagion are creating a pandemic of fear, increasing the risk of a global recession and a bear market in stocks.
Booming Economy?
As the Political season heats up, the battle for voters inspires a steady stream of hyperbole on both sides. President Trump claims this is the best economy ever, while the Left asserts solemnly that most people are struggling.
Stocks Catch Corona Fever
After 3 years of stellar consumer confidence and soaring stock prices, investors reached a crescendo of exuberance and record setting optimism that warned of a market-priced for perfection.
Stocks Priced For Perfection, Hold The Corona
The benchmark SP 500 Index rose a stellar 28% in 2019 while its underlying earnings fell, thus the market is pricing in one heck of a rebound in revenues and profits in 2020.
Stock Market Euphoria Firing On All Cylinders
Meltups and running stock markets are periods when equity prices rise rapidly and continuously without corrections.
‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ For Stocks Ignoring Christmas Past
On a gloomy Christmas eve one year ago the stock market had completed a 3-month correction into a panic low of more than 20%, equaling its largest decline of the past decade.
Art Of The Trade Deal Counters Recession Ruminations
Often when US Presidents can score a single major legislative accomplishment during their tenure it’s enough for the history books.
Trump Veto Of Hong Kong Sanctions Would Be Positive Signal
The Hong Kong economy is a shamble, having moved from mild contraction in the Spring to a major contraction in the Fall. Business sentiment now resides at the lowest level in history.
Fed Declares ‘Sustained Expansion’ And Low Inflation ‘Likely’
In a moment of unprofound insight lacking sound and fury meaning absolutely nothing to investor expectations, Fed Chief Powell this past week made the most anodyne comments possible that the economy was likely to continue growing.
China Says Deal, Tariff Man Says No Deal
In recent months the words coming from the Oval Office have pushed stock prices around in a 10% range repeatedly.
1 to 16 of 138 Posts
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