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Kurt Kallaus is the author of Exec Spec and the KDelta trading model for stocks and all commodity futures. In the 1980’s, with a business degree and having worked in manufacturing, Kurt Kallaus engaged with a private Investment Partnership specializing in commodities and stock ... more


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China Says Deal, Tariff Man Says No Deal
In recent months the words coming from the Oval Office have pushed stock prices around in a 10% range repeatedly.
Record Economy: This Time Is Different?
“This time is different” are four famous last words considered by famed fund manager John Templeton to be the most costly phrase in history for investors. However, this time really is different in some respects.
Will Concern Consume Consumer?
With the dominant consumer component in our economic growth (GDP), it’s wise to be vigilant of data regarding personal spending and service sector labor trends.
Sentiment Nearing Oversold
Over the past few years any Bullish sentiment reading in the mid 20’s or lower was a good time to Buy.
Banking Profits On Falling Yields
Banks may be less attractive in a falling interest rate and narrowing spread environment, yet this sector isn’t performing badly other than being out of favor with the Wall Streets fickle fashions.
Fed Rate Cuts Based On Perception Not Reality
A GDP growth closer to 3% may be ideal, however, the continuing strong employment and consumption portion of the economy with low inflation and borrowing costs indicate a Fed that has fulfilled its Central Bank mandates.
In Search Of Recession
Many are in search of a Recession, but until the consumer falters and labor weakens considerably, we look for the cyclical slowdown to taper off by late 2019 to early 2020 with ensuing modest economic acceleration into 2021.
Stock Market And Oil Remain Tightly Correlated
Future economic expectations are strong drivers of both Oil prices and the Stock Market. A slowing economy portends lower demand for Oil and reduced earnings for stocks.
Gold Bulls Stampede Recession Bears
With Gold and most commodities in the world priced in US Dollars, Gold and other precious metals move inversely. Since early June there has been a dramatic and rare break of this inverse Dollar Gold relationship.
Huawei Reprieve, Global Stimulus Rallies Stocks
Another Trump overture to Chinese technology giant Huawei to help US companies along with the proposed German and Chinese plans for stimulus have helped the stock market rebound sharply the past 3 days.
Forget The Yield Curve, Watch Consumer Staples
The Inverted Yield Curve with short term rates above long rates has been one of the most anticipated over-hyped harbingers of doom and gloom in history.
August – October Correction
US stocks continue to outpace world markets despite increasing evidence of a US economic slowdown and weak corporate earnings.
China Flight Boosting Gold And Bitcoin
As Chinese currency values fall, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have rallied.
August Correction?
With the market fixation on the Bullish high odds prospect of a Fed Funds rate cut to 2.25 percent, there were no news events likely that could derail the Buy the Rumor psychology in July.
Happy Consumers Vs Worried Producers
The US economy (GDP) grew a better than expected 2.1 percent in the second quarter. It’s a far cry from the 3 to 5 percent Trump expects and the fluke 3.1 percent in the 1st quarter, but a long way from the recession expectations of many economists.
US Leads World In Natural Gas Production And CO2 Reduction
While the world awaits the day when the rapid growth of solar and wind supplant coal and oil, the quickest bridge to the alleged Utopian dream of clean air is Natural Gas.
1 to 16 of 123 Posts
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