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Kurt Kallaus is the author of Exec Spec and the KDelta trading model for stocks and all commodity futures. In the 1980’s, with a business degree and having worked in manufacturing, Kurt Kallaus engaged with a private Investment Partnership specializing in commodities and stock ... more

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Stimulus: Can There Be Too Much Of A Good Thing?
The new Biden stimulus of $1.9 could boost GDP several percentage points this year and even add 1% growth to the global economy.
Raging Rates Sink Stocks Short Term
Rates are all the rage these days. The Fed, backed by their unlimited digital printing press, promised us rock bottom interest rates into 2022.
MMT To Infinity Dominates Economic Policy
While the nominal debt creation coming out of each economic recession is multiples above the previous panic, the percentage expansion of money and debt is about the same.
Stock Bulls Create Shortage Of Short Interest
During a major Bear market panic when financial downgrades proliferate, short selling rises.
Extreme Euphoria With Biden Stimulus
Tesla has been an amazing story of a dominant new electric vehicle company. The stock has been a sign of the gambling fever taking over the stock market led by Robin Hood commission free traders as Tesla rose 750% this past year.
Good News Train Keeps Rolling
One of the better known stock market adages is that Bull markets climb a wall of worry. The wall of concern created by COVID has been a long one as the running of the Bulls out of the Bear trap in March continues unabated.
Vaccine Trifecta Accelerates Shift To Reopening Stocks
For almost 3 months the major stock indices have traded sideways, consolidating the supercharged Fed and Government stimulus-aided gains since March.
Investors See Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel
When Pfizer declared a 90% effective Covid vaccine this week, the mask-wearing world bought recovery stocks with reckless abandon. Investors see the vaccine light at the end of the Covid tunnel.
November Market Top As Lockdowns Grow
Stocks are up in Arms over the elections. That is, the ubiquitous Trading Index in financial circles named after Richard Arms in 1967, continues to accurately identify areas of oversold and overbought conditions in the stock market.
Virus Lockdown Fears Infect Stocks
The topic of 2020 and beyond is the response to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Will Inflation Return After Covid?
Assuming an open economy in a  post Covid 2021/2022, a return to normal low inflation, after a brief supply chain spike, is inevitable. However, a high inflation rate on a sustained basis is unlikely.
Mail In Mayhem Could Offer Buy The Dip Moment
Only twice in the past 92 years have we had stock market gains in the 3 months prior to the Presidential election where the incumbent party lost.
Trump Requires An October Surprise
Many expect 2020 to provide even more fireworks and uncertainty.
Record Consumer Wealth Ready For Pandemic Free 2021
For 2020 and 2021 consumer spending and optimism are tightly connected to the fear of the COVID pandemic and the level of fiscal and monetary stimulus being applied to compensate for a demand shortfall until a full economic recovery can be realized.
September Low Is Part Of Longer Term Consolidation
The pandemic crash in March and stimulus-driven rebound since have created record extremes that have altered typical behavioral responses.
Panic Stock Buying As Betting Markets Shift Toward Trump
The Fed money printing machine, zero bound borrowing rates, and Government handouts are the primary factors in a record-breaking 5+ month rally that has surprised all forecasts.
1 to 16 of 175 Posts
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