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I provide market insights at Global Prime. I've gathered over a decade of experience in capital markets. I focus on providing expert market analysis to Global Prime’s global clients and media outlets, with special expertise in currencies.

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Market Outlook: Back-To-Back Risk Off
The Yen has had no rival this week as the deleveraging in financial markets continues to follow its course at a rapid pace.
This Tool Reveals Incredible Value For Forex Traders
It is important that you pay attention to the projection levels via the Fibonacci tool. In the majority of cases, you will find at least some temporary support or resistance.
The Logic Behind Moving Average-Based Intermarket Analysis
The pros and cons of the concept of applying moving averages to correlated assets in order to define trading opportunities.
Find Out Why Intermarket Is Highly Accurate In This FX Pair
A varies trading opportunities that one could have spotted by applying Intermarket analysis when trading the CAD/JPY pair during the month of March.
How To Define Your Bias In USD/JPY?
A model that will help you stay on the safe side of the market when trading the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen.
Forex Trading Pattern: The M & W Formation
The power of a double top/bottom price formation.
How To Gauge Flows In The Aussie Market?
A model to estimate potential flows in the Australian vs US Dollar market.
Canadian Vs US Dollar: 3 In 1 Trading Lessons
A series of lessons on a short USD/CAD trade. From the importance of trendlines, through how to properly trade an H&S-like pattern, to constantly looking to enter the market when the Intermarket flows are in agreement.
The Never-Ending Brexit Quandary
No currency shows more variable and irregular gyrations than the GBP, taken hostage by the never-ending Brexit quandary.
‘True Risk On’ Back In Vogue, Brexit Vote Awaits
The Sterling tops the gainers’ leaderboard as UK PM May secured further concessions from the EU, while a ‘true risk on’ microenvironment led to a major deterioration in the Yen exchange rate as well as the USD.
Yen Thrives As Sterling Selling Unabated
The title of today’s report embodies the exceedingly random and trendless dynamics in currency markets amid a multi-year low FX volatility regime.
Building A Micro Flow-Following Model To Trade Forex
Exploring the idea of finding concurrence among 3 key components (technicals, intermarket, and levels) to increase the quality of trades found.
All Aboard The Yuan Bullish Story, USD Unloved
The USD continues to trade on the back foot as reports emerge that US trade negotiators aim to target a more stable Yuan as part of the comprehensive trade deal being negotiated.
Short-Term Flows Primarily USD Negative
The absence of liquidity in financial markets during Monday is well expressed through the EUR/USD’s narrow 35p range.
US Dollar Supply As Risk Appetite Fully Re-Ignited
The narrative continues to be dominated by optimism around the US-China trade talks.
'Risk On' Firms Up, First Signs Of DXY Weakness
The short term conditions in financial markets have fully transitioned into a blossoming state, with the environment characterized by ‘true risk-on’ as depicted by the surge in US equities coupled with further supply in US bonds (higher yields).
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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