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I provide market insights at Global Prime. I've gathered over a decade of experience in capital markets. I focus on providing expert market analysis to Global Prime’s global clients and media outlets, with special expertise in currencies.

I unpack Forex market dynamics ... more


Bitcoin Outlook, S&P 500 Correlation And More
A discussion about the weekly chart forecasts, precious metals updates, and correlations between markets.
Has Crypto Marketing Reached The Mania Stage?
A discussion on risk management in financial markets, ways for people to look into technical analysis, future Gold and Silver highs, joining mentorship programs and the question has crypto marketing reached the mania stage.
Is The Price Of Gold Tied To The US Dollar?
A discussion over the typical characteristics of pro and novice traders, what to expect with new market participants and our feature question whether gold and the USD are inversely correlated.
Bad Times In The Financial Markets? - Black-Swan Events
Black Swan events represent how rare a market occurrence is. These occurrences are abnormal, have a wide-spread impact, and are difficult to predict.
USD: Shift In Technicals Backed By Cycle
The pieces of the puzzle as it relates to both technicals and cycle analysis appear to be coming together. Keep reading if you'd like to find out why we may be on the cusp of a cyclical shift in the US Dollar performance. 
WallStreetBets - Real Talk From Industry Insiders
People are up in arms over broker restrictions and the hedge funds are calling this an all-out war. We think that this is only just the beginning.


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Work Experience

Head of Market Research
Global Prime
August 2018 - Present (4 years 1 month)

I represent Global Prime with a unique voice that narrates chronicles of the market that are insightful and actionable to clients. I create educational guides that can serve as foundational instructions to develop a successful career in the Forex industry. Besides, I manage social media channels to maximize engagement, execute varies PR initiatives & campaigns to increase the broker's profile, and other actions for the purpose of putting Global Prime's name out there. 

Chief Editor / Lead Analyst and Editor Asia
FX Street
January 2010 - January 2018 (8 years 2 months)

Chief Editor: Managing all the day-to-day operations of FXStreet publication. In charge of creating editorial boards and overseeing all department editors. I serve as FXStreet news feed representative.


Lead Analyst and Editor Asia: Fully immersed in reporting on-the-spot stories on global foreign-exchange markets, methodically dissecting what the latest technical and fundamental developments in G10 FX space mean for market sentiment, monetary and fiscal policies


Thomson Reuters Eikon
Active User, Institutional Trading, Financial Markets, Research
2014 / 2018
The Reuters platform allows you to conduct institutional-level research to quickly uncover hidden opportunities with comprehensive data and content. Highly visual and intuitive to use, Eikon allowed me to gain access to the ultimate set of financial analysis tools. Integrate multiple workflows, co-create applications and connect to other financial professionals, from whom I learned great insights over the years.
FXWW Reuters Eikon Chatroom
Financial Markets, Instituional Trading, Participant
2014 / 2018
FXWW is an institutional level platform to engage in conversations between a group of carefully selected institutional traders, analysts and strategists, each communicating their views on the market, their trade ideas, what they think happens next, and the bank reports / institutional research that they have access to in real time.