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I am the Head of Market Research at Global Prime with over a decade of experience in capital markets. I focus on providing expert market analysis to Global Prime’s global clients and media outlets, with a special expertise in currencies.

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All Aboard The Yuan Bullish Story, USD Unloved
The USD continues to trade on the back foot as reports emerge that US trade negotiators aim to target a more stable Yuan as part of the comprehensive trade deal being negotiated.
Short-Term Flows Primarily USD Negative
The absence of liquidity in financial markets during Monday is well expressed through the EUR/USD’s narrow 35p range.
US Dollar Supply As Risk Appetite Fully Re-Ignited
The narrative continues to be dominated by optimism around the US-China trade talks.
'Risk On' Firms Up, First Signs Of DXY Weakness
The short term conditions in financial markets have fully transitioned into a blossoming state, with the environment characterized by ‘true risk-on’ as depicted by the surge in US equities coupled with further supply in US bonds (higher yields).
Short-Term Flows Strengthen USD Dominance
Markets have temporarily stripped out the gloomy macro outlook of decelerating growth and low inflation as G10 yield curves demonstrate, to instead revert back to positive microflows.
US Equity Bounce Within 'Risk-Off' Context
The ‘risk-off’ regime we’ve gradually transitioned into since mid last week still remains in place, with some minor signs of abating via equities not yet providing enough technical evidence to shift the focus back to bid risk.
True Risk-Off Returns, Stubbornly Strong USD
The equity market has shown some credible technical cracks, and since the pendulum was in a transition from ‘risk-on’ dynamics into cloudier terrains, that’s all it took for the likes of the Yen and the USD to top the leaderboard.
USD Strength Not Backed By US Government Yields
The US Dollar has been catapulted to new highs for the month, even if the reinvigorated rally is far from enjoying a positive backdrop if we look at US government yields.
USD Finds Short-Term Positive Flows
The US and the Canadian Dollar are the currencies benefiting the most from the exodus in fixed income since the upbeat economic data in the US last Friday.
Macro USD Fragility In A Context Of Rising Equities
The overarching theme this week is the dovish turnaround by the FOMC on Wednesday, which has obviously had major knock-on effects in the psyche of the market.
Vol Stimulants Around The Corner Via FOMC & China-US Trade Talks
It was a low key affair in the Forex arena ahead of the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting, where all the attention will orbit around the Central Bank’s position on its balance sheet.
US Equities Roll Over On Earning Woes
The narrative in financial markets is quickly evolving from a state of relative stability on lingering positives from an anticipated deal between the US and China on trade.
Jittery Risk Sentiment, ECB Next Catalyst
The price action in the RWI (risk-weighted index) is by far the most unstable and jittery it’s been this year, with a big red sell-off candle followed by a topside rejection.
Risk Off Deteriorates, More Work Must Be Done In Equities
Tentative signs of a crack in this year’s ‘risk on’ conditions appear to have returned, even if it’s still quite premature to place too high one’s bets on follow through tendencies off the bat.
Sino-US Trade Talks Keep Invigorating The Risk Rally
The unambiguous ‘risk on’ profile keeps on going with no end in sight so long as the US and China continue to signal that a more protracted trade deal is in the making or we get evidence that supply is returning back into the equity markets.
What Is A Bond’s Yield Curve?
In this article, I will explain what the yield curve really communicates and what are the potential implication depending on its slope.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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