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I provide market insights at Global Prime. I've gathered over a decade of experience in capital markets. I focus on providing expert market analysis to Global Prime’s global clients and media outlets, with special expertise in currencies.

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Risk Sentiment Keeps USD & JPY Pressured
The price action in the last 24h had striking similarities and in a way is an analogous script to the one that played out on Monday.
Sudden Shift In Market Sentiment
The market has gone through a very sharp reversal in risk sentiment over the last 24h as buyers returned in mass in the US equity space, leading to an outperformance of the Aussie in the currency market.
The Tide Is Turning In Favor Of Risk-Off
At the epicenter of the renewed fears that have swiftly led to a suppression of risk-on dynamics, we find a market worried about new containment measures in the US as COVID-19 related infections continue to spike at unnerving numbers.
Risk-Off Conditions Re-Established
The hectic action in US equities in a move that was already building up in Europe and Asia has led to a quick transition into an environment that is back to ‘risk off’ dominating proceedings.
FOMC Keeps Status Quo, USD Weakens
On the back of the FOMC, and as the dust settles in financial markets, the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc continue to outperform for a third day in a row.
Risk Trades Have Come A Long Way
There is no respite in the USD weakening trend, now a very mature one, as the currency still loses value across the board, resulting in new lows in the prop index I personally monitor that aggregates the flows.
Forex Remains A Trend Traders’ Dream
The way the week starts with the USD and JPY on the backfoot lays the ground to see follow-through continuation of the ‘risk-on’ dynamics prevalent for a number of weeks.
EUR Shoots The Lights Out Post ECB
The story of the day and the week/s continues to be the relentless appreciation of the EUR/USD, which if excluding the last 24h, reflects the crumbling of the USD appeal across the board as risk trades fly.
Same Old With Risk Assets Flying
Those capitalizing on the abundance of ‘risk on’ opportunities would probably don’t mind me sounding like a broken record.
Aussie Defies Gravity, Ballistic ‘Risk On’
If not enough evidence had been emerging as of late over the unequivocally strong ‘risk-on’ environment promoting the appreciation of commodity-linked currencies, the market once again schooled stubborn contrarians through another impressive run.
The Aussie Exploits ‘Risk On’ Like No Other
The commodity-linked currencies are on fire, with one in particular (AUD) taking the spotlight as it hits 0.68 USD, the highest levels since early February before the whole COVID-19 crisis got out of hand.
Rosy Risk Dynamics To Kick Off June
Despite equities kicked off the first few hours in June with a soft note in what I suspect could be a more cautious approach on the back of the riots spreading across dozens of cities in the US, that’s just a blip in a green ocean.
Currencies Manifest ‘Risk On’ Dynamics
The overall dominance of ‘risk on’ dynamics in financial markets continues to be better expressed through the trading of currencies, where the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen remain on the back-foot.
Vol Picks Up In FX, USD Still In Trouble
The last 24h of trading were characterized by springy movements as the waxing and waning in order flow made it a challenge to stick with one particular intraday direction.
USD Market Structures Compromised
It’s been all about wearing the ‘risk on’ hat and go with the flow as the market appears unfazed by geopolitical rhetoric picking up between the US and China to instead focus on the re-opening of economies.
Forex Market In Need To Break Ranges
It’s been a complete snooze-fest in financial markets with tight contractions in currencies the predominant dynamics in observance of the Memorial day and other domestic festivities around the globe.
1 to 16 of 136 Posts
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