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Gold Does It, Record High Above $2k
What stands out in the last 24h is definitely the major breakout in the Gold market after printing a fresh record high above $2,000.00.
Notable Buying In North American Currencies
There has been a major reset in the number of trending markets in the higher timeframes (4h and daily) as a result of the strength off its suppressed levels in the USD and the CAD.
Great Conditions To Trend Trade Continue
The recovery in the USD following last Friday’s month-end re-balancing flows, alongside that aggressive jawboning by the Bank of Japan to intervene in the JPY market is what stood out to me out of the last 24h of action.
Forex Trends – Gift That Keeps On Giving
It was a lively day in the markets with the European FX complex once again taking the spotlight as the euphoria to accumulate further long inventory at the expense of the obliterated North American currencies continues mercilessly.
Record Number Of Pairs In Trending Mode
The message by the Fed via its policy statement and in the press conference by Chairman Powell sounded dovish enough to keep the status quo of a weaker US Dollar and be a catalyst to pump equities.
GBP Takes Off, US Fiscal Cliff/FOMC Eyed
The Sterling was the top performer in the currency space, while the USD, no surprise here, keeps lagging behind as the US heads for the fiscal cliff with no agreement yet between Dems and Reps on the next stimulus package.
Premise To Swing Trade Strengthens
The demise of the USD keeps ongoing. It has been and continues to be a bloodbath for the world’s reserve currency with EUR/USD breaking into its highest in 21 months circa 1.1750.
European FX Shines, Risk-Off Yet USD Sold
In the last couple of trading days, the market has deflated its groovy mood towards the tireless bid in all risk assets as equities and Oceanic currencies rollover.
Setback In Risk, Swing Trades Still Available
A setback in risk flows took place as portrayed by the sell-off in stocks, bond yields and the Oceanic currencies (AUD, NZD).
20+ Markets Trending, Ideal For Swing Trading
FX, metals and equities keep all trending for the most part. Crosschecking the 4h and daily time scales to find concordance in the directional biases remains a thing of beauty with over 20+ markets qualifying for intraday swing trading.
EU Recovery Fund Approval Boosts Risk
There have been some very punchy movements in financial markets. In the currency space, the Australian Dollar has been the clear outperformer in detriment of a battered US Dollar.
Growing Number Of Instruments Trending
We enter Tuesday with risk-off currencies (USD, JPY) trending down in the 4h and daily timeframes against either European, Oceanic currencies, or even metals, both charging into fresh highs.
Euro Resilient Despite EU Talks Fail
If we take a look back at the last week of trading, long Euros definitely paid dividends as the market got busy pricing in a positive outcome out of this weekend’s EU recovery fund talks.
Risk Sentiment Fails To Find Consistency
The waxing and waning in equities kept on going with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq falling back down (-0.34% and -0.73% respectively) unable to gather the momentum desired to jolt risk-on currencies all the way to the final closing bell.
Euro Still Running Hot, Buoyancy In Risk
The main take away from Wednesday was the revival of risk sentiment as hopes keep building up around vaccines, allowing European and US equities to push higher and with it commodity-linked currencies.
Euro Longs Thrive, Equities Find Buyers
The Euro keeps charging higher as it retains its dominance in anticipation that EU leaders will manage to make progress with regards to the COVID-19 economic rescue package.
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