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The Market’s Energy Gets “SAP-Ped”
What a difference a weekend can make. Last week was a fairly unexciting one for the major US indices.
Is The Fed Getting Nervous?
Yesterday’s release set a new high. For the week ending October 21, the size of the balance sheet was $7.225 trillion, exceeding the prior high of June 10 by a “mere” $8.4 billion. Since bottoming on August 5, the balance sheet has grown by 3.3%.
Tesla Options Bulls Were Right – And Very Wrong
Those bullish call buyers found themselves with substantial losses despite the stock’s rise. They got it right but ended up wrong.
One FAANG Is Out, More To Come
Next Thursday afternoon will be the mother of all earnings releases. We expect reports from Microsoft, Facebook, and Alphabet. Those are the top 5 companies in the Nasdaq 100 Index, representing nearly 45% of NDX’s market capitalization
To Stimulus, Or Not To Stimulus
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses the market’s reaction to a potential stimulus.
Earnings Euphoria Expected In Netflix And Tesla
Options trader pay close attention to company earnings releases. They fall into the category of “known unknowns”.
Thoughts For Expiration Friday And Earnings Season
With the current retail buying in tech stocks, investors may need to keep a close eye on strikes.
Tesla Options Traders Still Showing Faith
By conventional measures such as P/E ratios, the stock’s valuation borders on insane. But investors who focused on the company’s technology and future prospects have been richly rewarded.
What Have The Banks Taught Us As Earnings Season Begins?
With some bank earnings already released, what should investors be looking for?
Options Skews Are Skewed, Again
We can see that the skew for NDX options is relatively consistent. There was a bit steeper skew 6 months ago, but we were emerging from the depths of the COVID-19 selloff that climaxed in late March.
The Real Holiday Trades: Amazon Prime Day, Apple 5G Day
Many equity traders dislike today’s (Columbus Day) holiday. The main reason is jealousy. Why should we have to work when our fixed income brethren get the day off? That hardly seems fair. Yet in so many ways, the holiday is different in 2020.
Why Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story?
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses why he looks at the U.S. stimulus rumors in a similar way to how he looked at U.S. and China trade talks.
Careful What You Wish For
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses the market’s reaction to stimulus and election news.
Yesterday: “Eruption”. Today: Might As Well “Jump”
The message from Federal Reserve Chairman Powell was quite clear yesterday: fiscal stimulus is crucial for boosting the economy because monetary accommodation is no longer sufficient.
Digesting A Big Move
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses October VIX futures and upcoming earnings. What type of volatility should investors be ready for?
Stocks Up, VIX Up – How Can That Be?
Markets love simple narratives. One of the simplest is that the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is the market’s fear gauge.
1 to 16 of 528 Posts
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