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This Is Volatility, Folks
A look at another day of ups and downs in the market, Target’s second round of inventory troubles, and more about stock splits.
Sentiment Flipped In Just Two Weeks
A discussion about the market’s relatively muted response to positive reports from Ukraine after the recent market rebound.
Santa’s Barbell Rally
A look at the market activity after the holidays and what it may mean for the coming year.
Does Santa Wear A Tapered Suit?
A discussion on the catalysts that foster a year-end rally.
Bounce Back Better
A look at today’s market rally and the influence of yesterday’s decline.
Will The FOMC Be Santa Or The Grinch?
A discussion of the market's activity in terms of hedging and the FOMC.
FOMO Rides Again
A discussion about the FOMO in the market. Investor swings from risk aversion to risk assumption are driving global markets.
Fed Intrigue And No Consumer Fatigue
A discussion on the current speculation around Federal Reserve leadership and a look at retail and the consumer.
There’s A Strange Color On My Screens Today
A discussion on the red that investors are seeing on their screens today. This sense of nervousness could come from a few areas, specifically inflation and reverse repos.
Serenity Now
A look at the bond market’s activity and how central banks are reacting.
Tesla, The Ultimate Meme Stock And Blow Off Tops
A discussion on the market's reaction to the current earnings picture and Tesla's stock activity.
Suckers Rallies And Reflexive Buying – A Tough Combination
A discussion on the recent trend of mysterious bumps in index futures ahead of the market open.
We Go Down One Day, Up The Next. This Is Volatility
A discussion on volatility and upcoming market events.
The Market Cross Currents Might Be Rip Currents
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses risk asset pressures and inflation. Are investors not looking at the right factors?
One Day At A Time
A discussion about buy-the-dip attitude seen in the market. Should investors be testing this theory at the current levels?
No Cloudy Skies In This Market
Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses why markets are in a “must buy everything” mode.
1 to 16 of 260 Posts
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