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Amazon To The Dow Jones (Yawn)
One of the “bigger” pieces of news this morning is that Amazon has joined the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Dude, Where’s My Cuts?
Considering that one of the key elements that ignited the current rally was a hope that the Fed would aggressively cut rates, it is counterintuitive to see stocks rallying even as those hopes diminish.
NVDA – The Aftermath
It’s NVDA’s market, and we’re all living in it.
Options Market Expectations For Nvidia Earnings
Even as NVDA has experienced a modest recent pullback from recent record highs, other high-flying AI names like SMCI and ARM have pulled back more substantially from even steeper moves
What WMT And HD Earnings Told Us
It is important to remember that despite technology stocks’ dominance in major indices, the consumers represent about 2/3 of the US economy.
Rates Reach Fresh ’24 Highs On Hot Inflation
This morning’s Producer Price Index (PPI) soared past expectations and is reminding traders of the pain associated with last Tuesday’s Consumer Price Index.
Economic Data Hints At Stagflation
This morning’s retail sales report featured a sharp decline in US consumption to start off the new year, signaling the possibility of consumer fatigue following a robust holiday season.
A Valentine To Volatility
Every so often we need a reminder that even the most bullish of markets is susceptible to pullbacks. We got one yesterday.
Who’s Zoomin’ Who? (NVDA Edition)
Sometimes we have to struggle to look for a narrative about what is propelling indices in one direction or another. Lately, Nvidia is the equity market’s turbocharger.
The Underappreciated Role Of Zero-Dated Options In The Current Rally
In the past year we’ve seen numerous days when modest rallies turned into big moves seemingly out of nowhere – and more often than not, those rallies have stuck.
From T+1 To Artificial Intelligence
For those unfamiliar, there will be a change coming to the settlement cycles for North American equities.
Today Is Volmaggedon’s Sixth Anniversary
The current setup has some elements that might recall the run-up to the events that precipitated Volmaggedon, but there are crucial differences.
Options Market Expectations For Apple, Amazon, And Meta Earnings
While there is a modest implied volatility plateau involving at-money options, we see that there is a pronounced, steep downside skew in the front expiration, and more subtle, but still typically risk-averse skews in the following two weeks:
Options Market Expectations For Today’s FOMC Meeting
Markets are coming into today’s FOMC announcement with a markedly different tone than what we’ve seen in recent days.
The Waiting
Over the following four days, we expect to receive earnings reports from five of the remaining Magnificent Seven stocks, get a monthly Employment report, and learn the Treasury’s refunding plans for the coming quarter.
Tesla Collides With Reality
The problem for the company is that investors now expect a big fat T-bone and are disappointed when they only hear a sizzling platter from across the way.
1 to 16 of 1190 Posts
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