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New On The Frontier (Aug 19-23): Kuwaiti CPI On Tap Amid Regional Volatilities And Lower Oil Prices
Investors focusing on international markets will receive an update on Kuwait’s consumer prices in the week ahead, as the oil-rich nation contends with heightened geopolitical volatility.
The U.S. Week Ahead (Aug 19-23), Housing Sector Faces A Twister
Investors in the week ahead will receive updated figures on the U.S. housing market, as interest rates continue to plunge amid global growth fears and a host of other headwinds.
UPS Packages ‘A’-Rated Bond As U.S. Corporates Deliver Yield
Investment-grade corporate bonds continue to attract investors despite recent market volatility, with a healthy slate of new supply continuing to satiate still-healthy risk appetite.
U.S. Muni Market: Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel To Sell New ‘BBB’ BANs As Investors Dig For Yield
The U.S. municipal bond market has remained resilient to recent market volatility, with new supply continuing to flow through the pipes amid still-healthy demand.
The Week Ahead (August 12-16), Hong Kong’s Growth Beset By Trade And Turmoil
Investors in the week ahead will receive an update on Hong Kong’s economic growth rate, while ongoing protests and rising U.S.-China trade tensions have been generally taking their toll on the territory.
The Week Ahead (Aug 12-16), Germany – Falling In Yield Again
Investors will be watching incoming economic data out of Germany in the week ahead, as global headwinds have generally slowed the gears of Europe’s growth engine.
The U.S. Week Ahead (Aug 12-16): The Muni Market – San Francisco Airport’s US$1.2bn Revenue Bond To Take Flight
The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is taxiing the tarmac with more than US$1.2bn worth of revenue bonds, as new supply in the U.S. municipal bond market is set to lift off.
Asia-Pacific: The Week Ahead (August 5-9) Singapore’s Stores Suffer A Slow Summer
Investors in the week ahead will receive an update on Singapore’s struggling retail sector, amid ongoing changes in the industry, as well as headwinds from global trade conflicts.
Boeing Set To Land US$5.5BN Bond As Financial Engines Sputter
U.S. airline giant Boeing is slated to sell US$5.5bn worth of corporate bonds, as the company piles on more debt despite its aim to bolster liquidity.
The View For July 22-26: Muni Market, Blockbuster NYC Deal Set To Hit The Block
Offerings of municipal bonds are set to ramp up in the week ahead, highlighted by US$1.5bn worth of New York City general obligation (GO) bonds.
The Rising Cost Of Junk: European High Yield Bonds In Negative Territory
The volume of the world’s non-financial corporate debt has generally skyrocketed over the past decade, driven in large part by ultra-low, zero, and even negative interest rate policies at several global central banks.
The U.S. Week Ahead (July 15-19): Muni Bond Sales Start To Swell
Supply in the U.S. municipal bond market is set to tick higher in the week ahead, as demand remains ripe for tax-exempt issuance.
Europe: The Week Ahead (July 15-19), Trade Concerns Across The Finnish Line
Market participants will receive fresh updates on Finland’s consumer prices and economic growth in the week ahead, as slowing rates of inflation across the globe spur a wave of monetary policy easing
Malaysia: Downside Risks Keep Central Bank On Dovish Path
Malaysia’s central bank elected Tuesday to maintain its current Overnight Policy Rate (OPR), amid an increasingly dovish tone across the Asia-Pacific region, as global economic headwinds continue to dampen growth prospects.
The Week Ahead (July 8-12), Portugal – A Hostage To Weak Eurozone Growth
Portugal is set to unveil updates on its rate of inflation and trade balance in the week ahead, as fears flare over the U.S.’s proposal to impose additional tariffs on imported European Union goods.
Panasonic: The Video Co. That Could Kill The Corporate Bond Lull
A potential U.S. dollar-denominated corporate bond sale from Japanese electronics giant Panasonic may be in the works, amid a likely dearth of new issuance in the holiday-shortened week ahead.
1 to 16 of 156 Posts
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