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Yielding To A More Hawkish Fed
Bond investors took the Fed’s message to heart. The yield curve flattened, with rates rising in the 2 to 5-year range while sinking in the longer term.
Connecting The Dots
Unless you’ve been taking a well-deserved vacation, you are well aware that there is a FOMC meeting this afternoon. Here are some details about previous post-meeting moves in the S&P 500 Index.
Dump Then Pump (Crypto Style)
For today at least, bitcoin holders are rightfully pleased. But it is clear that they are at the mercy of one man, Musk, and his Twitter feed.
Who Wears Short Shorts?
Yesterday’s market activity was clearly driven by short-covering, though in the bond rather than the stock market. Many were understandably perplexed when bonds rallied in the face of higher-than-expected CPI numbers.
Bonds, Gold, Inflation
Treasury bond prices are supposed to represent traders’ expectations of future inflation since they are perceived to be devoid of credit risk. Why have bond yields fallen (prices risen) in the face of higher inflation?
Who Is Buying AMC 145 Calls? (It May Not Be Who You Think)
There is an anomaly that many have spotted in AMC options. The motivation is complex and actually related more to bearishness than excessive bullishness.
Paging Dr. Goldilocks
This morning's numbers showed that the labor market is continuing to recover, but not at a rate fast enough to spook the Federal Reserve. This is what we call a Goldilocks number – not too hot, not too cold. Just right.
The Meme Giveth, The Meme Taketh Away
Like cicadas, meme traders returned in a wild blaze of activity after being seemingly underground for several months. It remains to be seen how long this latest period of activity will last. 
Embracing The Meme, AMC Style
The latest news on AMC Entertainment (AMC) shows that the company’s management has decided to fully embrace, if not encourage meme stock traders.
Rotation Meme Style
Just when you thought they went away, they're back! Are traders rotating from cryptocurrencies to meme stocks?
The Fed: Watch What I Say, Not What I Do
Does anyone doubt the resolve of the Federal Reserve to maintain an accommodative monetary policy? Why then is the Federal Reserve actively draining cash from the banking system?
Gold, ‘Digital Gold’ And Inflation
While “digital gold” has been under significant pressure, gold prices (using the GLD ETF as a proxy) have been ticking higher.
Things To Watch Ahead Of Expiration
VIX is based on SPX Index Options, which could provide clues to activity ahead of tomorrow's expiration.
Crashing Gradually, Then Suddenly
As with many events of this type, the move in bitcoin is best summed up by paraphrasing Hemingway: “Gradually, then suddenly”.
Hey Mr. Musk, Can You Please Give Us A Break?
Did anyone really need, want, or expect yet another series of tweets about cryptocurrencies from Musk yesterday?
What A Short Strange Trip It’s Been
Some weeks go slowly, others speed along. This week was the latter. There was something noteworthy in almost every sector of the markets and we had the ups and downs to prove it.
1 to 16 of 421 Posts
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