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More About Stock Splits, And Some About Reverse Stock Splits
There is always the thought that a stock split ratifies a company’s success. That’s true, to the extent that only companies with soaring stock prices consider splitting their shares.
Buckle Up – This Week Could Be Bumpy
Mid-summer is supposed to be a boring time for markets. Maybe that will be the case during August, but first, the markets need to run a gauntlet of news this week.
TSLA And MSFT Ahead Of Earnings
This afternoon promises to be an important one for tech investors, with both Microsoft (MSFT) and Tesla (TSLA) scheduled to release quarterly results after the market’s close.
A Few Pertinent Thoughts
Market leadership is getting increasingly narrow and indices are becoming increasingly concentrated.
Another Stagnant Week For The Fed Balance Sheet
Yesterday afternoon the weekly Federal Reserve H.4.1 report was released. While the streak of lower weekly readings for the Fed’s balance sheet was broken, the increase was rather modest.
Oops, They Did It Again (Again)
The narrative about an endlessly accommodative Fed remains firmly in place even though yesterday’s H.4.1 release by the Federal Reserve showed a fourth consecutive weekly decline to their balance sheet.
Oops They Did It Again – I’ll Play You The Chart
Last Thursday afternoon, while many of us were getting focused on the three day weekend ahead, the Federal Reserve was dutifully issuing its H.4.1 statistical release.
Goldilocks Lives! So Does Nihilism.
There is much for investors to ponder over the coming long weekend. In the meantime, many are simply enjoying the ride. Goldilocks did not disappoint today.
Fed’s Purchase Program Propels Corporate Credits
The Federal Reserve’s active buying of individual corporate bonds and certain exchange-traded funds (ETFs) under its recently launched credit facility has generally helped to spur prices of related products higher.
The Markets Need To Find Goldilocks This Week
This is also not a normal week. There are two events that would mark a significant week, even if it were of normal length.
The Federal Reserve Is Still Not As Accommodating As Many Think
We saw declines to about 2500 on SPX​ before the Fed sprang into action. The monetary policy typically has a 2-3 week lag before it affects equity prices, meaning that markets fell another 10% or so before arresting their decline.
Some Data About The Nasdaq 100 “Safe Haven” Status
NDX has been outperforming SPX on the downside as well as on the upside. On down days, the percentage decline in NDX has been smaller than that of SPX. This reinforces the concept that NDX is a relative safe haven.
Does This Look Like The Chart Of A Safe Haven To You?
There are many reasons for investors to consider holding FAANG stocks and their brethren. But history shows that safety is not likely to be one of them.
The Fed Is No Longer As Accommodating As Many Think
Seemingly every market commentary points to the Fed’s accommodative stance as a justification for higher stock prices. The data tells us that we may be seeing a limit to that accommodation.
Understanding Bankrupt Shares
The fundamental value of the common stocks of bankrupt companies is often zero. There are specific reasons for this that are unique to the bankruptcy process.
Some Charts Ahead Of The June 10th Fed Meeting
Markets are eagerly awaiting the results of the next FOMC meeting. Traders and investors will be hungry for clues about the Fed’s eagerness for future monetary accommodation.
1 to 16 of 285 Posts
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