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Gordon T. Long has been publicly offering his financial and economic writing since 2010, following a career internationally in technology, senior management & investment finance. He brings a unique perspective to macroeconomic analysis because of his broad background, which is not typically ... more


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Macro Analytics - The Supply Demand Services Problem With Charles Hugh Smith
In this unrehearsed with TalkMarkets contributor Charles Hugh Smith, we discuss services as an element of what is always economically referred to as goods and services.
Global Liquidity, Credit & Flows
The stable credit profile of the US is likely to face downward pressure in the long-term.
The Game Of Risk Transfer
A discussion on the inconvenient reality that risk cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred to others. Who's holding the hot potato of systemic risk now?
2018: Year Of Accelerating Social Change - Time For A Change
The already wealthy get wealthier, everyone else gets poorer as wages and purchasing power stagnate.
A Speculative Look Into The Future
Regarding globalization, financialization, and coordinated monetary policies.
Is Central Bank Tightening Realistic?
The expressed reasons for the requirement for "Normalization" of US Monetary Policy is that the US Economy is now over 8 years into the recovery with low unemployment rates and signs of a broad-based (though weak) recovery.
The Results Of Financialization - The Big Reversal
After three and half decades the global economy has now entered a three and half year period of slow rotational change which will likely be seen in future years as the "Great Reversal".
Why A New Form Of 'Nationalization' Will Occur
The extended period of Quantitative Easing (QE) and ZIRP have now left the major global central bankers in an untenable position because of the era of unlimited leverage which it has fostered.
In An Era Of Financialization, Who Really Owns The U.S. Corporation?
Some new investors may need to be reminded that all debt interest owed is paid before one cent of profit is ever earned. Debt holders are always paid unless bankruptcy protection occurs.
The Road To Financialization With Charles Hugh Smith
How we got to where we are today? A discussion of the chronology of US & Global Monetary Events regarding the Evolution of Financialization in America.
Robotics & Chronic Unemployment With Charles Hugh Smith
In the 21st century, robots are beginning to perform roles not just in manufacturing, but in the service sector, working as entertainers and carers. Technological unemployment is the loss of jobs caused by technological change.
More A Collision Than A Crash!
Let's cover some thoughts I have on the markets and how the Federal Reserve's current policy of the rate tightening squares with what the global credit and US business cycles are telling us.
Here Is What Will Bring Down The Market
Slowing buyback funding, passive investing and failed liquidity.
Millennials: A Menacing Metamorphosis - With Charles Hugh Smith
Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to population estimates recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Bonds: Stagflation & A US Recession
The ration of equity to bond returns is approaching a 29 year.
"Trumponomics" - Winners & Losers
Where do we see the "Trumponomics" investment winners and losers to be? Why "Trumponomics" may potentially fail?
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