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Gordon T. Long has been publicly offering his financial and economic writing since 2010, following a career internationally in technology, senior management & investment finance. He brings a unique perspective to macroeconomic analysis because of his broad background, which is not typically ...more

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Technical Signals: Yield Curve, US Dollar & Gold
A deep dive into what the markets are technically signaling.
Current Market Perspective For Sunday, Apr. 30
The preponderance of economic analytic work that we have examined suggests further USD weakness going forward. However, if the unfolding global slowdown causes major financial disruptions, a dollar flight to safety can be expected.
Current Market Perspective
Still, only a fraction of the public is moving into metals. If the general public starts buying gold and silver, product will be completely unavailable, he says.
The Fear Trade Puts Gold In The Limelight
As the long term charts below suggest, gold is nearing overhead resistance. "Fear" can only take gold so far before the issue of out of control inflation and a falling dollar must be the drivers.
All Economic Indicators Don't Lie
A discussion about markets, central banks, and inflation.
Global Economic Problems: China, Japan & EU
Breaking down the macroeconomic factors influencing the world’s economies.
What Q2 Earnings Revealed
A discussion about markets and what Q2 earnings revealed.
A discussion about markets, climate change, and the energy crisis.
Macro Themes For 2022
A look at what we might expect to occur in the coming year.
The Central Bankers' Escape Route
A discussion about markets, central banks, and inflation.
China Contagion
China appears to be lapsing into its most significant economic slowdown.
Market Risk A Concerning Window
A discussion about markets and inflation.
Under The Lens
A discussion on the current events in the USD market and the bond market.
Coming Deflationary Tsunami
In this video, we discuss inflation and deflation. Additionally, we share our outlook on both aspects with a forward-looking perspective.
What Could Go Wrong? - With Charles Hugh Smith
Geopolitically, no empire ever got stronger by weakening its currency.
Inflation Plus Deflation?
Inflation is coming in waves.
1 to 16 of 170 Posts
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