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Gordon T. Long has been publicly offering his financial and economic writing since 2010, following a career internationally in technology, senior management & investment finance. He brings a unique perspective to macroeconomic analysis because of his broad background, which is not typically ... more


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Too Big To Bail?
The Global Central Banks are all conducting their regularly scheduled meetings this week.
S&P 500 September 2019 Update: Primary Trend Indicator
The Primary Indicators for the S&P 500 are still giving a positive market bias despite market turbulence.
Searching For Longer-Term S&P 500 Support
Here's a traditional technical analysis that gives an interesting longer-term pattern on the S&P 500.
There Is A High Risk Potential Of An Uncontrolled Algo Selling Feedback Loop
One of the main culprits who have been identified for the relentless selling in recent weeks has been the all-encompassing category of "algo traders".
The Stealth Reason Why The Stock Market Keeps On Rising
It has become increasingly critical to properly assess shrinking stock supply to know both why the stock market may still continues rising in the face of quantitative tightening and what consequentially might trigger an equity market reversal.
Cost Of Carry Likely To Trigger The Next Recession As Entire Debt Construct Comes Under Pressure
Higher interest rates will ultimately trigger the next recession as the entire debt construct will be weighted down by the burdens of cost of carry.
The Big Reversal
After three and half decades the global economy has now entered a three and half year period of slow rotational change which will likely be seen in future years as the "Great Reversal".
The FOMC's November 1st Meeting Conundrum
The Federal Reserve has been very clear through its' forward policy guidance that it will slowly increase the Fed Funds Rate.
Emerging Market Debt Growth - What’s Up?
Despite the recent dollar strength (if not so much in the past quarter), dollar bond issuance in Emerging Markets has been on a tear over the past year.
How College Has Become A Racket!
To understand the Student Debt Super Nova -- Post-2010, we need to understand it in the context of a series of ongoing lift-off stages similar to a rocket launch, each stage accelerating the rocket upward towards a well planned trajectory.
The Auto Industry Is About To Drive Off A Cliff -- Again!
Auto Leasing has exploded since 2015 and now approaches 35% of all sales. The Lease terms are normally 2-3 years with questionable residuals being used to achieve low lease rates on highly priced units.
Charting The Maddening Market Messages
Why are we getting such diverging and maddening market messages from the equity and bond markets? Which one is right? Are either right?
The Next Financial Implosion Is Not Going To Be About The Banks!
The Global Real Estate market dwarfs all financial markets by any comparison.
A Global Eurodollar Shortage
The US dollar as the Global Reserve Currency absolutely still dominates world trade payments & settlements.
Sentiment Up, Complacency Up - But Uncertainty Also Up (Not Down?)
When did the distortion start occurring in the markets when increasing uncertainty can come with an increase in complacency and sentiment?
The Soon To Erupt Euro Experiment
It was always blatantly clear that an EU monetary union would inevitably require a political union to centralize decisions about tax and public spending.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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