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Gordon T. Long has been publicly offering his financial and economic writing since 2010, following a career internationally in technology, senior management & investment finance. He brings a unique perspective to macroeconomic analysis because of his broad background, which is not typically ... more


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FV What Could Go Wrong? - With Charles Hugh Smith
Geopolitically, no empire ever got stronger by weakening its currency.
Inflation Plus Deflation?
Inflation is coming in waves.
Is A Secular Rotation Ahead?
A discussion on economic indicators and the impact on the economy.
Stagflation Investing
Stagflation is caused by cost-push inflation.
The Coming US Dollar Devaluation
The US Dollar is seen to have the least risk because it can be held in US Treasuries which traditionally pay high relative interest rates, high credit ratings and is cost effectively and easily hedged.
June A Secular Sentiment Shift
A discussion about the most important market controlling element currently underway, it is a shift in sentiment.
What Is Driving The Covid-19 Market Rebound
Is this a typical consolidation bounce?
A Reverse Wealth Effect?
Gordon T. Long is joined by Charles Hugh Smith, prolific writer and investor, to discuss what is coined as a reverse wealth effect.
Bubbles Are Bursting Everywhere
Gordon T. Long and Kerry Lutz discuss the U.S. national debt, the eventual fallout of currency, and how global markets are faring during the pandemic.
Under The Lens - MAY Regime Change
A look at the effects on recent changes in the economic landscape.
How Bad Is The Recession Going To Be?
A global pandemic versus a market crash.
The Coming Era Of Stagflation
What we should expect?
Macro Analytics - Corona Carnage:Helicopter Money On The Way
Gordon T. Long and Charles Hugh Smith discuss the potential impacts of the coronavirus on the global economy, and if the damage has already been dealt.
Macro Analytics - The Supply Demand Services Problem With Charles Hugh Smith
In this unrehearsed with TalkMarkets contributor Charles Hugh Smith, we discuss services as an element of what is always economically referred to as goods and services.
Global Liquidity, Credit & Flows
The stable credit profile of the US is likely to face downward pressure in the long-term.
The Game Of Risk Transfer
A discussion on the inconvenient reality that risk cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred to others. Who's holding the hot potato of systemic risk now?
1 to 16 of 124 Posts
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