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I’ve been analyzing markets since 2001. My particular field expertise is the metals market but I also cover the stock market, energy, the dollar, and euro again building my trading models around cycles analysis and sentiment. I’m an avid rockclimber. And national and world champion ... more

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Gold: The Bottom Is Near
It is time to look at gold and determine whether or not it is heading for a grinding low.
Bubble Update
It looks like we have transitioned into the bubble phase of the bull market.
New Commodity Bull: Energy
A review of the energy sector.
Gold: Capitulation In Progress
A review and an update of the gold market.
Gold Update - Bottom In December?
An update and review of the gold market. 
Mining Stocks Update
A look at the mining stocks.
Gold And Stock Market Update
An update and review of the stock and gold market.
Gold Intermediate Cycle Decline Is Over
​​​​​​​The gold daily cycle will probably break out to new highs. 
Stock Market Bubble Ready To Resume? Gold Still In No Man’s Land
An update on the stock and gold market.
Gold: Frustration Phase
A review of gold and gold stocks.
Gold: Stops Triggered
Where is the gold heading?
Gold In No Mans Land : Stocks In A Triangle
A review of today's stock market and gold.
Gold: Warning Signs Pop Up This Week
We may be about to experience another attack on the metals as the charts are showing some troubling signs for gold.
Dollar Collapse Continues
A review and update on the US Dollar.
Gold: The C-Wave
A discussion and update on gold.
Gold: Waiting On A Trend
In this video, we take a look at gold and discuss the possibility of seeing one more leg down before the current intermediate cycle decline is over.
1 to 16 of 730 Posts
1 2 3 ... 46