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AMD's Q2 2021 Results Equals Growth Ahead
2 years ago

Hi Susan! Thank you :)

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3 Keys To Twitter's Turnaround
6 years ago

Thanks, Kurt. I'm a bit wary as well, but view the Bloomberg deal (and others) as a sign the team is at least gaining a bit of focus in the right direction. If Twitter can conquer the channelization and video aspects, I would expect the user activity gains to follow (assuming bots & trolls are addressed). It is a big change, but at this point, I believe there are not many other viable options left.

TweetDeck Can't Cure Twitter's Zero Growth Problem
6 years ago

Thanks, Kurt - I appreciate the feedback! Twitter is one of those companies/equities that has had tremendous potential. As a user, I rely upon it every day. As an investment, however...

8 Reasons Why We're Not Snapping Snap's IPO
6 years ago

Harry, thank you for the feedback! This is the only IPO of its kind that I'm aware of with zero voting rights for shareholders. The closest in this sector is the split between GOOG and GOOGL, but even that is not so close.

While this insulates SNAP from activist shareholders or potential takeover/acquisition movement, it could punish investors and limit institutional and index appeal.

While this alone would not stop us from adding SNAP to our Samadhi Capital client portfolios, it does make that investment case all the more difficult.

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