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Tech/Equity Analyst, Research Director, Futurum Research
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Fred is an experienced analyst and advisor, bringing over 30 years of experience in the digital and technology markets. Futurum Research is a global technology, digital innovation, and market disruption-focused strategy, research, and analyst firm. 


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AMD's Q2 2021 Results Equals Growth Ahead
The company finished the quarter with a strong cash position and consistent improvements across all key metrics.
EC Ransomware: Should WannaCry Make You Wanna Buy Cyber Equities?
The WannaCry ransomware attack impacted 200,000+ users across 150 countries. This attack, which we timeline, is unique, precedent-setting, and may have short-term potential for selected cybersecurity equities. It also raises a few questions...
Apple's 2Q 2017: Declining Sales Vs. Operational EPS
Apple released 2Q FY2017 earnings that were a slight disappoint, but it overperformed on EPS and has cash and an annual dividend near the GDP of Iceland. We highlight five pro and five con positions on Apple's earnings.
EC 3 Keys To Twitter's Turnaround
Twitter's sharp drop in per-user revenue is as concerning as its uptick in Daily Average Users is compelling. Here are 3 keys to Twitter increasing its revenue (and M&A potential).
Breaking Down IBM's Blockchain; Amazon's Alexa; Facebook's Building 8
While blockchain is still very early in the development/adoption cycle, we believe it holds considerable transformative and disruptive potential well beyond its role. Facebook will not be Facebook in three years, that much is clear.
Bizarro World: Upgrading Snap And Downgrading Alphabet
Upgrading Snapchat's SNAP while Downgrading Google's Alphabet doesn't make sense (yet). We welcome you to the Bizarro Superman edition of the Samadhi Brief, where we break down a few choice tech sector coverage updates.
Oracle's House Of Cards In The Cloud: Dissecting Q3 2017 Results
Oracle announced 3Q FY17 results, beating consensus on the bottom but missing on the top. On-premise revenue declined 2.7% y/y and significant portion of Oracle's cloud growth was likely the result of its NetSuite deal. We reiterate: long-term short.
EC Rethinking The Alphabet (Google Investment Thesis)
Alphabet's Google currently lags Amazon significantly in the cloud market, and trails equally behind Microsoft in the enterprise. But we believe its cloud offering may be spring-loaded, with Alphabet potentially undervalued.
EC 8 Reasons Why We're Not Snapping Snap's IPO
Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP​) closed yesterday’s trading session at $24.48, +44%, vs. its initial pricing of $17, concluding the most anticipated tech IPO since Alibaba’s in September 2014.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts