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The Current Economic Downturn: It’s Totally Different Than 2008
Back in 2008, a speculative bubble burst. It was caused by large US banks gambling with depositors’ funds. It resulted in an economic collapse that it took almost a decade to recover from.
Republican Economic “Talking Points” That Are Wrong
Before Trump came to power in 2016, the economy was continuing to recover from the 2008 collapse.
We Now Have The Technology To Bring The Virus Under Control: Will We Use It?
Tests might be the best way to end the virus threat.
The US Virus Problem Is Going From Bad To Worse: But There Is One Bright Ray Of Hope - Testing
The US pandemic is spinning out of control. But there is a hope new testing technologies.
Four Changes Resulting From The Pandemic That Will Stick
The new normal will be different in several important ways from what has gone before.
The Coronavirus: Its Economic Impact Should Be Considered Now
The US civilian workforce is 164.2 million, with 158.0 million employed and 6.2 million unemployed for a 3.8% unemployment rate. What is likely to happen during the virus period?


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Ukraine – What Are The Real Numbers On US Support?
3 years ago

Not true. CNBC reports Israel’s long-standing special arrangement for funds from the United States previously allowed Israel to spend 26 percent of the money in Israel — on Israeli-made defense products.

Trump On Trade – A Primer
5 years ago

Moon Kil Woong: thanks for comment. We used to talk about comparative advantage where you produced what you were relatively good at producing. And as you say, this has gone pretty well for both China and the US over the last 4 decades. The future? I am hopeful. The US lobbyists for the farmers and other groups that China would target are working overtime to avoid a trade war. And while Trump is clueless about this stuff, he has become a politician and does not want to see his blue collar base hurt.

Gambling: A State Of The World Report
5 years ago

This is certainly a good strategy for those getting the news first. But my guess is that this information will almost instantly be reflected in prices....

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Why The U.S. Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord Was A Real Mistake
6 years ago

Let's assume for the moment that man is not causing global warming. We should still plan to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Several reasons:

1. there is a limited supply of fossil fuels meaning that some time in the future, we will run out of them.

2. The mining of fossils fuels is dangerous with many thousands of deaths annually.

3. The burning of fossil fuels generates pollutants that also cause a large number of deaths every year.

There are also predictions that as a result of global warming, ocean levels will rise and more violent and dangerous storms will occur, In light of these predictions, precautions should be taken. And at the very least, the Federal govt. should stop subsidizing flood insurance in high risk areas.

Why The U.S. Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord Was A Real Mistake
6 years ago


Was the Marshall Plan the result of global brainwashing? I think not. The US spent huge sums to get both allied and axis powers back on their feet after WW2.

Was it global brainwashing that led to the US funding the creation of the UN?

And when Kennedy created the Peace Corps. Was he brainwashed?

I think these 3 acts were the US at its best.

Pulling out of the Paris Peace Accord was conceding world leadership to others - not a good idea.

Why The U.S. Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord Was A Real Mistake
6 years ago

Gary: Thanks for your comment. I agree the earth will get warmer over at least the next decade as developing countries become more energy intensive. Nevertheless, the Paris Accord can bring pressure to bear on countries to reduce global emissions. It will also serve as an incubator for accelerated technologies. The US has already invested $1 billion in its climate fund and by leaving loses and say over how it is used.

There is also the point about the US abnegating its world leadership role. for more on this, see

Brexit – Who Wins And Looses
6 years ago

Consumers have to be considered as well. They do not want any duties/restrictions on imports.

Brexit – Who Wins And Looses
6 years ago

Gary: Thanks for comment. Not sure why you say the UK is in driver's seat. Certainly its importers/exporters do not want increased restrictions on their access to the EU.

The Threat And Risk Of Rising Interest Rates: Separating Fact From Fiction
6 years ago


Thanks for your interesting piece. Just a couple of points I would mention:

1. Many have noted that P/E ratios are getting high relative to historic P/E. I would mention that the US has been the place for the world to invest. And this upward shift in demand will increase the "P" in the P/E ratio. So perhaps we should expect a higher P/E ratio going forward for US stock markets.

2. I am wondering how effective the Fed can really be in raising US interest rates. There is a healthy demand now for US Federal debt, and higher debt will certainly increase the demand for US debt.

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