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Elliott Morss has spent most of his career teaching and working as an economic consultant to developing countries on issues of trade, finance, and environmental preservation. Dr. Morss received a B.A. from Williams College in 1960 and a Ph.D. in political economy from The Johns Hopkins University ...more

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What Is IRA Eligible Gold?
Are you considering investing in gold for your retirement savings? Understanding what IRA approved gold means and what types of gold are eligible for IRA investment is crucial.
The US Recession: Is It Over?
I have said earlier that the US, Europe, and Japan remain mired in the recession and mountains of debt. But there have recently been glimmerings in the US that things are starting to get better.
From Stimulus To Austerity – What Role For Taxes?
In arguably the greatest book ever written on public finance, Richard Musgrave pointed out that there are three primary government functions: allocation, stabilization, and income re-distribution.
The Current Economic Downturn: It’s Totally Different Than 2008
Back in 2008, a speculative bubble burst. It was caused by large US banks gambling with depositors’ funds. It resulted in an economic collapse that it took almost a decade to recover from.
Republican Economic “Talking Points” That Are Wrong
Before Trump came to power in 2016, the economy was continuing to recover from the 2008 collapse.
We Now Have The Technology To Bring The Virus Under Control: Will We Use It?
Tests might be the best way to end the virus threat.
The US Virus Problem Is Going From Bad To Worse: But There Is One Bright Ray Of Hope - Testing
The US pandemic is spinning out of control. But there is a hope new testing technologies.
Four Changes Resulting From The Pandemic That Will Stick
The new normal will be different in several important ways from what has gone before.
The Coronavirus: Its Economic Impact Should Be Considered Now
The US civilian workforce is 164.2 million, with 158.0 million employed and 6.2 million unemployed for a 3.8% unemployment rate. What is likely to happen during the virus period?
Coronavirus: Indicators Of Its Global Economic Impacts
It is far too early for definitive statements on the impact of the virus.
Trains From Boston To Berkshires: Are They Worth $25 Billion?
Making projections for the next decade on traffic patterns is not easy.
Ukraine – What Are The Real Numbers On US Support?
In recent months, Ukraine has been in the news and mostly for the wrong reasons. We're missing the bigger picture.
Seed Catalogues 2020 – Which One(s) To Use
Well, it is that time again. The seed catalogs are pouring in and us “farmers” we have to decide which ones to use.
Wake Up America – The Military-Industrial Complex Never Sleeps
Measured by the years of engagement, the US is the most warlike nation in the world. But what does that translate to?
Major League Baseball Finances, Part 2 The Boston Red Sox
In an earlier piece, I examined Major League Baseball (MLB) finances. It was notable that the Boston Red Sox, normally viewed as one of the successful big-market teams, appeared to be in financial straits. So today we take a closer look at the Sox...
Major League Baseball Finances: What The Numbers Tell Us
Now that the World Series is over, the most interesting part of the baseball season starts: The Hot Stove League.
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