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Elliott Morss has spent most of his career teaching and working as an economic consultant to developing countries on issues of trade, finance, and environmental preservation.

Dr. Morss received a B.A. from Williams College in 1960 and a Ph.D. in political economy from The Johns Hopkins ... more


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The Coronavirus: Its Economic Impact Should Be Considered Now
The US civilian workforce is 164.2 million, with 158.0 million employed and 6.2 million unemployed for a 3.8% unemployment rate. What is likely to happen during the virus period?
EC Coronavirus: Indicators Of Its Global Economic Impacts
It is far too early for definitive statements on the impact of the virus.
Trains From Boston To Berkshires: Are They Worth $25 Billion?
Making projections for the next decade on traffic patterns is not easy.
Ukraine – What Are The Real Numbers On US Support?
In recent months, Ukraine has been in the news and mostly for the wrong reasons. We're missing the bigger picture.
Seed Catalogues 2020 – Which One(s) To Use
Well, it is that time again. The seed catalogs are pouring in and us “farmers” we have to decide which ones to use.
Wake Up America – The Military-Industrial Complex Never Sleeps
Measured by the years of engagement, the US is the most warlike nation in the world. But what does that translate to?
Major League Baseball Finances, Part 2 The Boston Red Sox
In an earlier piece, I examined Major League Baseball (MLB) finances. It was notable that the Boston Red Sox, normally viewed as one of the successful big-market teams, appeared to be in financial straits. So today we take a closer look at the Sox...
Major League Baseball Finances: What The Numbers Tell Us
Now that the World Series is over, the most interesting part of the baseball season starts: The Hot Stove League.
Coping With Changing Job Markets
The job market continues to change. But in the digital age, there are ways to better equip students to take full advantage of the changes. And yes, having good teachers will always be important.
The Global Economy: What The Future Holds – Part 2
A look at the largest countries' military and economic dimensions.
The Global Economy: What The Future Holds
Global futures will be determined by the actions of the largest nations.
How Well Off Are Americans?
Many Americans believe the US is the best country in the world. This would surprise many from other countries who enter the US via its crumbling airports, ride on its 19th century trains, or drive on its clogged and potholed highways.
Global Growth Is Slowing: Should We Worry?
The news media are full of stories that global growth is slowing. And this fear is contributing to the volatility and decline is stock markets worldwide.
Labor Saving Technologies And The Demise Of The Working Class
The US economy is growing at a healthy pace and unemployment is low. But behind these healthy signs, a large portion of the working class is not doing well.
India: The Growing Global Threat
One might think that India, with a projected real GDP growth rate of 7.4%, would justify a careful look by investors. After all, China’s growth rate is projected at only 6.6%.
Cable TV: Who Is Winning The Hearts And Minds Battle?
Cable TV is contributing to the increasingly strident tones expressed by the American public. The following table provides 4PM to Midnight data for the top three cable stations. The clear winner may surprise you.
1 to 16 of 116 Posts
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