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Thursday Continues The New Uptrend
The past six trading days are a reminder that if you are trading the short-term market trends, the window of opportunity can be very brief. Now it is time to sit back a bit, trim the disappointing positions, and add to the winners.
Start Of A New Uptrend?
Investor sentiment certainly favors higher stock prices from a contrarian POV. With the percent of bulls 40%, market history suggests a good buying opportunity. But I want to see my breadth-related charts do a better job of confirming higher prices.
The Short-Term Uptrend Was Troubled
The number of new lows on Monday was elevated on the Nasdaq, so I knew the short-term uptrend was troubled. When the new lows started to rise on the NYSE as well as on the Nasdaq Tuesday, that was the signal that significant selling was taking place.
Friday Continues The Short-Term Downtrend
The market tried to bottom out and rally a couple times this past week, but it just couldn't find its footing. So the short-term downtrend continues.
The Market Has Rallied Nicely
The short-term uptrend continues. Since the Aug. 19 low, the market has rallied very nicely. And with the PMO at a high level, it shows that participation in the rally has been good compared to the weak participation since the Spring.
EC Encouraging Market Movement
The PMO index now looks like it might be ready to reach all the way back up to the top of its range. This is encouraging after quite a few months where the market flip-flopped.


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A Reversal Day Often Marks The Short-Term Bottom
3 years ago

I would love to know why gold is so weak. I am open to all suggestions.

Portfolio Update September 2017
4 years ago

Very interesting blog! I am a new reader, and I will enjoy reading about how you decide which stocks to keep as they go down in price, and which you decide to sell.

In this article: CMI, GNK
USD And Gold Cycle Update
4 years ago

Very nice charts.

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