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Stocks Will Be Higher Longer-Term
The short-term uptrend continues although it definitely didn't feel like it to me this past week. On Friday, the PMO index dipped and it looks ready to head lower, but I'm not quite convinced that the short-term trend is lower yet.
Be Cautious In October
The last couple of weeks in October might be a good time to be cautious, but after that, I suspect the market will be ready to move higher. The only problem with this opinion is that everyone else is thinking the same thing.
The Short-Term Trend - Sunday, September 27
The short-term downtrend continues, but I am watching for signs of the next short-term uptrend. The ingredients are in place for the market trend to change, but with the election around the corner, we may not see the usual short-term cycles.
Looking For Signs Of The Next Uptrend
The short-term downtrend continues, although the PMO has been at the bottom of the range long enough that we need to be looking for signs of the next uptrend.
Market Needed Healthy Pullback
With this market weakness, we need to be alert for the signs that the market will start to tumble lower. If the SPX slices below the 50-day on strong volume, and it continues to push lower then we have a larger correction to deal with. 
General Stock Market Commentary - Sunday, August 23
Since July, the PMO index has been choppy and the short-term trend has been difficult to assess. However, the last three days of last week show a decisive decline in the index, thus confirming the downtrend.


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A Reversal Day Often Marks The Short-Term Bottom
2 years ago

I would love to know why gold is so weak. I am open to all suggestions.

Portfolio Update September 2017
3 years ago

Very interesting blog! I am a new reader, and I will enjoy reading about how you decide which stocks to keep as they go down in price, and which you decide to sell.

In this article: CMI, GNK
USD And Gold Cycle Update
3 years ago

Very nice charts.

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