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General Stock Market Commentary - Saturday, July 25
Everyone knows that this is a tough market to trade right now. Tech stocks have run up too far while most other stocks have languished, and this has created two markets.
General Stock Market Commentary - Saturday, July 11
A short-term uptrend started on July 6. It's not the strongest or broadest trend, but the market is moving higher short-term. This is another good-looking bullish setup.
General Stock Market Commentary - Friday,July 3
Some charts are starting to turn higher such as the SPX equal-weight. The stochastic is beginning to turn up off its lows while prices held above the uptrend line and the support level.
The Short-Term Downtrend Continues - Saturday, June 27
The selling on Friday, June 26 pulled the market down to the first level of support around 3000 on the SPX. If the selling begins to pick up, the next important support will be around the 2800-level on the SPX, which corresponds with the May lows.
The Next Short-Term Uptrend
A short-term downtrend began on Thursday, June 11. The PMO index has now reached the bottom of its range, which means that in a few days we will start to look for signs of the next short-term uptrend.
Short-Term Caution Warranted
With both the stochastic and the PMO pointing lower, it means that it is time for a bit of short-term market caution until the indicators start to reverse.
How Long Can This Short-Term Uptrend Last?
The short-term uptrend continues. Except for one brief blip, this PMO index has nailed the uptrend. In other words, the market can remain in a short-term uptrend much longer than expected.
Most Short-Term Indicators Positive
The short-term trend remains pointed upwards. Most of the short-term indicators are positive, so for now the strategy is to continue to hold the leading stocks and ETFs.
Short-Term Uptrend Continues - Saturday, May 23
The short-term uptrend continues. This short-term rally has lasted quite a bit longer than most. The ten-day Call/Put ratio has been choppy since the uptrend began late in March, and now there is some weakness again in the trend.
New Short-Term Downtrend
We probably have a new short-term downtrend, although it is still unconfirmed. Not all of the critical indicators have started to point lower.
Short-Term Uptrend Continues - Saturday, May 9
The short-term uptrend continues. I'm watching carefully for signs that the market is ready for its next short-term downtrend, but the indicators are holding up. I believe that the market is retracing higher within a larger downtrend.
Short-Term Indicators Turning Lower
In order for the market to power higher, it needs a healthy number of stocks hitting new 52-week highs, and we don't have that. Not yet anyway.
Market May Be Consolidating
The short-term uptrend continues. I have been watching closely for signs of a decline for a couple of weeks, but most of the indicators that I watch continue to show strength.
Short-Term Uptrend Continues - Saturday, April 18
The short-term uptrend continues. A number of the short-term indicators I follow looked ready to turn lower last Saturday, and the Saturday before that. So, every day for two weeks I've been surprised to find the indicators still pointing upwards.
General Stock Market Commentary - Friday, April 10
The bullish percents began the week pointing lower, but abruptly turned higher again on Tuesday and then kept going. This is not the look of a market getting ready to turn lower.
General Stock Market Commentary - Sunday, April 5
The PMO remains at the top of its range, and the short-term uptrend continues. However, the trend is weak and is probably getting ready to turn lower.
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