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The Short-Term Uptrend Appears To Continue Despite Rough Tuesday
The short-term uptrend continues, yet it was a tough week to be a trader. Last week I was optimistic that we had the start of a decent summer rally, but then there was Tuesday. That was a rough day.
Friday's Short-Term Uptrend Could Launch A Summer Rally
A new short-term uptrend started on Friday, June 25, and it looks like it could be setting up a decent summer rally. Now, the charts suggest a nice, bullish setup for trading in the coming week.
Last Week's Short-Term Downtrend Continues
The short-term downtrend continues. It took just two days early this week for the PMO to go from the top of its range to the bottom. Negative emotions took control of the selling this week, and there were a number of people screaming at each other.
A Short-Term Downtrend Started Before Friday's Selloff
A short-term downtrend started on Thursday, June 9, and Friday's selling was severe and was mostly attributed to the hot inflation report. But I suspect that the buyers had dried up by Wednesday, and that the market was ready to sell off regardless.
It Is Time To Look For The Next Downtrend
The short-term uptrend continues. With the PMO at the top of the range, it's time to be looking for signs of the next downtrend. If you like to buy the dips and sell into rallies using the PMO index, then it's the time to be taking partial profits.
A New Short-Term Uptrend Has Begun
A new short-term uptrend started on Wednesday, May 25, and the PMO index went from zero to 100 in just three days. If you blinked, you may have missed the low-risk window of opportunity to buy stocks.
The Short-Term Downtrend Continues Once Again
The short-term downtrend continues, and the PMO index remains at its lows. This might be the longest period of time that I have seen the PMO index at the bottom of its range.
Not Yet A New Uptrend
The market was strong on Friday, but volume was weak, and the charts are not yet indicating that a new uptrend has started. Some indicators have started to move higher, others look ready to move, and the PMO has been at the lows for quite a while.
Looking For The Next Short-Term Uptrend
The short-term downtrend continues. The PMO index is at the bottom of the range, which means that you should be looking for signs of the next short-term uptrend. However, the market is so weak that the game plan is different.
The Short-Term Downtrend Continues To Point Lower
The short-term downtrend continues to point lower. The PMO index is at the low of its range. With the PMO at the lows, I usually would cover any shorts, but this market is so weak that I'm concerned it will ignore the oversold indicators. What to do?
A New Short-Term Downtrend Was Established
Last weekend, I thought a new short-term downtrend was close to starting. Yet, on Monday, the market looked ready to rally again. However, the selling perked up, the market started to break down, and a new short-term downtrend was established.
The Short-Term Uptrend Continues With Surprising Strength
The current short-term uptrend continues, but the indexes look like they are starting to falter and are preparing for the next short-term downtrend. This has been one of the stronger uptrends, and I can't be the only one surprised by its strength.
Look For Indications Of The Next Short-Term Downtrend
Rising prices are good news, but with the PMO at this level, the best low-risk, short-term period for stock purchases has passed. It is now time to consider taking partial profits and to look for indications of the next short-term downtrend.
A New Short-Term Uptrend Started After A Short-Term Downtrend
A new short-term uptrend started on Tuesday, March 15 after a very brief short-term downtrend. It also occurred after a really bad day in the markets on Monday. Apparently, traders liked what they heard from the Fed on Wednesday.
A New Short-Term Downtrend Started After A Brief Uptrend
A short-term downtrend started on March 7 after a brief uptrend that began on Feb. 24. The short-term trends are getting shorter, and they are not reaching the top and bottom of the PMO range before turning.
EC No Evidence Yet Of A Short-Term Downtrend
We need to dust off our bear market playbook to remind ourselves that as a bear market starts, stock prices peak, and then commodity prices peak. There is still too much optimism towards stock prices
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