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Rolled Your 401k Into A Self-Directed IRA? What Comes Next?

Date: Sunday, October 7, 2018 8:47 AM EST


Today I can fess up to a secret…

Lou Betancourt, founder and president of Street Authority contacted me. I was flattered when someone as highly respected as Lou asked for permission to publish some of our articles.

Street Authority has several subscription investment publications and a mailing list 100+ times bigger than our little publication. I’d love to have them publish our material.

The newsletter business is simple. If we had 25,000 readers, advertisers would pay to put ads in our publications and on our website. We have a long way to go to get there. Being distributed by big publications is an opportunity to grow our reader base.

The few “affiliates” who advertise with us, provide a small stipend for readers who actually order through our link.

We discussed the idea of an “affiliate” relationship.

I explained that I only accept affiliates that I’m comfortable personally endorsing. In four years, we have less than 5 that meet our criteria. Our audience is primarily concerned with growing and preserving their life savings. Some publications are more interested in hype than help, short-cutting their research.

Lou suggested I consider a subscription to “High-Yield Investing”. Editor Nathan Slaughter is an industry veteran. In addition to holding several licenses, he has considerable experience with large financial planning firms, performing consultative retirement planning services, managing millions of dollars. Since January 2016 the HYI portfolio has returned 23.2%.

I receive monthly newsletters (16+ pages), plus mid-month updates. Nathan’s picks are followed with 2-3 pages of industry and company education. At Casey Research I wanted our readers to know as much about a potential investment as we did – Nathan follows the same pattern.

My copies are covered with dozens of highlighter circles and notes. One stands out. In July Nathan wrote:

“Ultimately, the true value of any object is whatever somebody else is willing to pay.

…. Take Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). One analyst has a strong buy on the stock and believes it will reach $420 per share. Meanwhile, another has a target price of just $125 and is advising clients to sell.

Both “appraisers” are looking at the same set of financial statements, the same subscriber base …profit margins…the same assets and liabilities. Yet, they differ in their assessment of the stock’s worth by nearly $300 per share.

With such wildly divergent opinions from experts, you can see why everyday investors might have trouble knowing when to buy and sell.” (Emphasis mine)

I asked for an interview:


DENNIS: Nathan, thank you for taking the time to educate our readers. Let’s get right to it.

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