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Investing retirement money is totally different from how we invested in the past. You are no longer trying to get rich; your goal is to make your money last for the rest of your life so you can enjoy your golden years. Successful retirement is a ... more


Keeping Our Wits And Wealth In A Down Market
The Fed is raising rates, forecasting more hikes and the stock market is falling. Fed Chair Powell says he can’t promise a soft landing. Pundits are peering into the future expecting the stock market to continue down.
Handling Preferred Stocks During Times Of Rising Interest Rates
I have been very high on preferred stocks. Unlike common stocks, their dividends are fixed and must be paid ahead of common stocks.
The Fed “Doth Protest Too Much”
Government spending is out of control, their policies are adding to inflation and will require a massive effort to get things under control. The Fed is too little, too late.
Banks Make Billions Printing/Lending Money When They Don’t Have To Worry About Being Paid Back
Americans are fed up, and prices are skyrocketing. Unless Congress gets a real wake-up call, many pundits predict complete economic collapse.
What Is So Special About Gold?
The gold standard limited government spending to the amount of gold/silver they have and what they can borrow in an open market.
Is Capitalism Destroying The American Economy?
Capitalism works well until competition becomes limited and big companies dominate. When the government breaks up monopolies, it creates competition and is generally good for the consumer.


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Closed-End Bond Funds, Friend Or Foe?
3 years ago

Hi Alexis,

You ask a good question. I just realized something. I had a box in the article explaining a closed end fund and it did not get published.


A closed-end bond fund has a manager who is paid a fee to oversee the investments.

Unlike a mutual fund that will redeem your shares, closed end funds trade like stocks. When you buy or sell, your broker facilitates a trade with another investor.


A closed end fund has a fixed number of shares. It trades like a stock as the manager is buying and selling bonds all the time and determining the dividend payout.

Hope this helps,

Dennis Miller

In this article: PFFR, PFFA
Closed-End Bond Funds, Friend Or Foe?
3 years ago

Hi Susan,

Thank you for taking the time to write, we appreciate that.

Best regards,


In this article: PFFR, PFFA
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