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Investing retirement money is totally different from how we invested in the past. You are no longer trying to get rich; your goal is to make your money last for the rest of your life so you can enjoy your golden years. Successful retirement is a ...more

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We Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Reality
The world is in turmoil. Governments worldwide are ruling against the will of the majority and things are coming to a head.
Fighting The Debt Tsunami
The US government is spending borrowed money into oblivion; the debts will never be able to be repaid.
When It Comes To Inflation, The Fat Lady Isn’t Even Close
“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings” is a phrase that comes from a tendency in operas to end with a heavy-set lady singing an aria. While politicians try to minimize inflation, the fat lady is home, not even thinking about her closing aria.
The Problem Ain’t The Cost Of Money – It’s The Cost Of Stuff
Lending cheap money to high credit risks (government included) creates the illusion of prosperity while creating terrible, inevitable inflationary consequences.
Why Are Gold Prices Are Jumping Around? Is Gold Really An Investment?
Gold holds purchasing power as the fiat currencies, which are the scorecard, lose their purchasing power. Gold allows you to freeze your purchasing power at the moment you buy.
Get Used To Making Less
Value investors are going to have a harder time now that there are so many of them competing for a diminished bunch of opportunities.
What’s This Pivot Talk All About?
The stock market and financial pundits hang on every word from Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell.
Moody’s Cries Wolf - Nobody Pays Attention
Moody’s rating service lowered its outlook on the US credit rating to “negative” from “stable”. This is not a ratings downgrade; but rather a warning of things to come.
The Final Act – How Will It End? What Can We Do?
If you are able, diversification offshore, buying land and other assets using different currencies would be something to consider.
What Happens When The World No Longer Wants, Or Needs US Dollars?
A discussion about government deficit spending, and monetizing the debt that caused a worldwide awakening.
Push The Handle, Raise The Chain, There Goes The Dollar…
Since the 2008 bank bailouts, government spending, deficits and debt have hit historic proportions, with no end in sight.
The Financial Epiphany
Our financial calculators relied on historical estimates; primarily investment returns and the inflation rate. The goal is to protect your lifestyle so you can retire without worrying about money.
The Generation X Retirement Report Card Is Scary
The National Institute on Retirement Security report “The Forgotten Generation: Generation X Approaches Retirement” indicates the majority are failing to save anything close to enough to retire comfortably.
Fiat Currency Should Not Be Blind Belief - Part II
In addition to gold and hard assets, holding wealth denominated in other currencies offers additional wealth protection.
Fiat Currency Should Not Be Blind Belief - Part I
Governments worldwide are creating currency, “Fiat money”, out of thin air to pay the bills; which historically leads to inflation.
I Need Safe, Dependable Income I Can Count On
A successful retirement plan provides ample income to live a reasonable lifestyle, without having to constantly worry about money.
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