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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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FV Rate Cuts: Death Knell Or New Beginning For Stocks?
In this video We examine what has happened historically when the Federal Reserve cuts rates.Overall, it seems like good things happen in the stock market.
FV What's Next: New SP500 Highs, Or A Recession?
What's more likely: new all-time highs in the S&P 500, or an ugly recession? Trade and tariffs are the intermediate-term wild card.
FV Will Trump’s Tweets Push Stocks Over Bearish Cliff?
Are the trade wars sending the stock market down a bearish plunge or do the fundamentals and technicals show a normal and expected pullback?
FV Are Stock Bears Finally Going To Have Their Day In The Sun?
We review the latest fundamentals and technicals to see if a bearish shift in momentum has started. Has the four-week pullback in the S&P 500 negated our April 5 analysis?
FV Trade War: How Concerning For Stock Market Investors?
The market is becoming more vulnerable to a pullback and historically, 4%-10% pullbacks in the S&P 500 have been associated with a political or fundamental event. The trade war is one such possible pullback triggering event.
FV Superfecta Signal For Stocks: Bullish Or Bearish?
In this video we look at a 'superfecta' of signals to determine whether markets are leaning bullish or bearish.
FV Are Stocks Closer To A Major Top Or A Major Bottom?
We review the market from different perspectives to determine if stocks are hitting a major bottom, made in late December, or are we closer to a major top.
FV Will Slowing Momentum Lead To A Painful Plunge In The Stock Market?
Breadth, asset class behavior, and momentum.
FV The Mother Of All Breadth Thrust Signals?
Does signal align with or contradict market’s recent advance?
FV Signal Makes Powerful Statement About Stock Market
This signal has been followed by incredibly consistent performance in the stock market dating back to 1950.
FV Is The Bond Market Saying Run For The Stock Market Exits?
To understand how the yield curve is relevant to stock market investors it can be helpful to think in extremes.
FV Nasdaq Signal Has Only Occurred 15 Times In Last 42 Years
We look at the charts, especially the MACD charts, to examine a rare signal for the Nasdaq, a signal that has happened only 15 times in the last 42 years and we check out the charts for the S&P Index.
FV Stock Market Signal Has Only Occurred Two Times In The Last 70 Years
2019: only the second occurrence since 1950.
Stocks And Economy On The Ropes?
In this video we revisit the fundamental and technical data to see if Friday's jobs report has left the stock market on the ropes.
FV Stocks Facing Insurmountable Wall Of Resistance?
We are updating our bull/bear maps and checking the charts to determine the answer to the question is the stock market is facing insurmountable resistance.
FV Stock Signal Seen Only 3 Times In Last 70 Years
In this video we discuss an extremely rare stock set-up that has occurred only twice before in the last seventy years.
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