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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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FV Institutions Cashing In Some Chips?
How much damage this week? This week's video looks at why some are taking chips off the table.
FV Stock Market Rally Losing Steam?
The S&P printed a new all-time high this Friday - was it confirmed or called into question?
FV Stock Market: Tired, Or Rejuvenated?
Did Friday's post-employment-report rally put the bulls back in full control?
Stocks: Relaxing Summer Or Imminent Reversal?
This week's video reviews several new stock market studies that heip us better understand the range of probable outcomes between now and year-end.
FV Stocks Peaking Now, Or One More Push Higher?
The weight of the evidence as to where the market has been lately, and where it's going.
FV Next Stop S&P 4300? Weekend Stock Blitz
What were the key takeaways from this week's market action and news cycle? Does data from Wed, Thurs, and Friday support a run at new highs, retest, or lower lows? This week's video features numerous charts from a wide range of markets.
FV Signs Of Renewed Risk Appetite In The Stock Market
A look at new market studies and provides commentary on the big takeaway from Friday's weaker-than-expected monthly labor report.
FV Will Strong Economic Data Force The Fed's Hand And Spook Stocks?
We review the latest charts and data to see if a slew of coming economic releases will pressure the Federal Reserve to raise rates.
FV Time For Investors To Locate An Exit?
A discussion on what history tells us about the stock market when technical and fundamental data reach extreme levels.
FV Stocks Setting Up For A Big Fall?
Have market internals started to roll over in a concerning manner or is it possible stocks could continue to rally despite their extended state?
FV Tech And Growth Ready To Retake The Lead?
A look at tech and growth along with five new market signals that were flashed this week.
Signal Flashed Only Six Previous Times In Last 91 Years
A rare stock market signal was flashed for market participants on March 31, 2021. What can we learn about stocks based on the historical outcomes?
FV Wild Ride Coming For Stock Investors?
This week's video covers three recent stock market signals to see what we can learn about upside and downside probabilities for the remainder of 2021. How large could the peak to trough drawdown be based on similar historical periods?
FV Reality Check In 2021 For Stock Bulls?
This week's video examines similar sharp rallies off a major bear market low (1950-2021) to help us better understand when a sharp correction could unfold in the stock market.
FV Stocks & Economy: Lessons From The Big Picture
With the S&P 500 hovering near new highs, what can we learn from current economic data and asset class behavior?
FV Are The Charts Sending A New Message?
After another volatile period that produced a weekly gain in the S&P 500 index, we examine new studies, data sets, and charts to see what we can learn about stock market probabilities.
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