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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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Stock Signal Flashed Six Times In Last 70 Years
In this video we discuss a telling and rare stock signal that has only appeared six times in the last 70 years.
The Most Important Stock Market Video You Will Ever Watch
We can make a sound argument that this may be the most important stock market video you will see as we cover concerning scenarios, overlooked indicators and important market signals.
FV Rare Post-Coronavirus Signal Only Seen 12 Times In Last 30 Years
On January 27, 2020, a rare stock market signal was flashed following a significant Coronavirus-related sell-off in asset prices. How did the stock market perform walking forward from similar cases in history?
FV Coronavirus: Stock Market Risk And Reward
We are examining the stock market's risk/reward profile looking at one-month to five-years, based on nine new "this just happened" stock market studies and in light of recent news events.
New Stock Market Signals Say Five-Year Outlook Is Extremely Favorable
Stock market signals say the 5-year outlook is extremely favorable.
Bullish S&P 500 Signal Has Only Been Flashed Six Times In 38 Years
In this video we'll discuss a bullish signal that has only been flashed a half-dozen times in 38 years.
FV Most Are Greatly Underestimating The Stock Market's Upside Potential
A wide range of facts tell us the stock market's long-term upside potential (1-4 years) is much greater than most believe.
FV Will The Mountain Of Debt Take Down The Stock Market And Economy?
How concerning are the "highest debt levels ever"? You can decide after reviewing the facts.
Stock Market Data Continues To Scream "1-5 Year Opportunity"
The facts say this leg of the stock market rally could last 1-5 years. What about valuations, PEs, and CAPE?
FV S&P 500 3600? History Says Very Realistic
Learning from volatility profiles: What we can learn from three charts with toppy and extended looks, and how it can it help us in 2019.
FV Stock Market Blow-Off Top Vs. Higher Highs
The hot topic on Wall Street this week was about a “blow-off top”. How concerned should we be about an end to a euphoric stock market rally? We'll compare the facts for a blow-off top or rising higher.
FV Stocks And A Window Of Opportunity
Hard evidence on multiple timeframes has been saying and continues to say the stock market may be in the relatively early stages of a secular bullish trend.
Stocks: Major Top Or Major Bottom?
No one has any idea what the Shiller P/E will look like over the next 20 years.
FV Illuminating Stock Comparisons To Crashes In 1929 And 1987
This week we compare past stock crashes to the current stock market's fundamentals and analyze chart trends, moving averages and breadth.
FV Why Stocks Could Greatly Exceed Expectations Over The Next Five Years
Long-term bullish evidence is stronger than most believe.
FV This Bullish Stock Market Signal Has Only Occurred 10 Times In The Last 94 Years
This week adds a new signal that was just nailed down recently.
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