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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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The Long-Term Message From Transportation Stocks
After experiencing resistance, the Dow Jones Transportation Average finally broke out in December 2012, which provided another indication of increasing risk appetite.
Signs Of Risk Appetite
Despite very little hard evidence a recession was imminent, market participants have been highly risk-averse in recent months.
Bulls Still Have Support For Upside Breakout
The broad Value Line Geometric Index is a good way to monitor the progress of the average stock.
The Six Most Powerful Charts On Wall Street
“Today is different” is always true. No two periods in human history have the exact same combination of fundamental, geopolitical, economic, psychological, and technical factors.
The Message From Common Stock Market Retracement Levels
If we are to believe the market’s rally off the December 2018 low is the last hurrah, we would expect to see some damage on the normal retracement front.
Similar Drops In ISM Manufacturing Data
ISM Manufacturing PMI Index came in well below expectations on October 1, 2019 sparking renewed fear of a recession.
Trade, Impeachment, And The Conviction Of Buyers And Sellers
Since every trade has a buyer and a seller, price action in the financial markets is determined by the conviction of buyers relative to the conviction of sellers.
The Road Ahead May Be Brighter Than Expectations
Recent data seems to cast doubt on the seemingly never-ending call for an imminent recession.
History Says Stocks Can Perform Very Well After Big Oil Shocks
It may be helpful to know how stocks have performed after big one-day spikes in the price of oil.
Bulls Trying To Make A Stand
During the trading session on Monday, August 19, the “bottoming process” case for the stock market remained intact.
Are National Financial Conditions Saying The Stock Market Is In Big Trouble?
The Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Index allows us to better understand the present day in the context of economic and stock market history.
A Rare Selloff On Wall Street
Monday’s close came near the 61.8% retracement of the rally that began in early June.
The Message From The Stock/Bond Ratio
The S&P 500 recently spent 18 weeks below the 23-week moving average and then printed 15 consecutive weekly closes above the 23-week, which indicates a significant and sustained shift in the market’s perception of future economic outcomes.
2019 Market Action Points To Positive Long-Term Outcomes
Rare market action in early 2019 remains relevant.
What Can We Learn From Stock Market Momentum?
S&P 500 momentum is determined by the net aggregate opinion of all market participants and thus, helps us assess the market’s risk/reward profile.
Monthly Breadth: Dark Clouds Or A Ray Of Hope?
There is nothing magical about market breadth when viewed in isolation; it is simply one component making up the weight of the evidence. Therefore, it is important we continue to review incoming information with an open mind about all outcomes.
1 to 16 of 327 Posts
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