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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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Rare Stock Market Signal: What Can We Learn From History?
A rare stock market signal was generated this week. What does it say about the stock market's current risk/reward profile?
Fresh Stock Market Signals Provide Strong Bull/Bear Message
The stock market generated 14 new signals this week. Do the stock market signals align with or contradict the market's reaction to Friday's much better than expected monthly labor report?
Do Signals Mean The Bear Market Is Over?
What do recent market signals have to say about the risk/reward in the stock market when looking toward the months and years to come?
Meaningful Shift In Risk Appetite?
Does the recent push higher in stocks look similar to other failed rallies or are there subtle bullish differences?
Is It Finally Time To Buy Stocks?
Stocks rallied sharply on Friday, July 15. Is this time different?
Fed Pivot In 2nd Half?
Based on recent history, it would be logical to believe the Fed should be quick to reverse course in the second half of 2022.
Key Levels For A Lasting Bottom In Stocks
Where is possible support for the major U.S. stock indexes? If that support fails, what type of "next leg down" could investors have to endure?
Dead Cat Or Start Of A Constructive Process?
Is the stock market starting to form a bottom? Will there be a technical dead-cat bounce or will this be the beginning of the end for stock market bears?
Stock Market Signal Seen Only Ten Previous Times In Last 95 Years
If we study every bear market since 1950, what can we learn about risk and reward looking out 1 to 5 years?
Why Stocks Could Have Quite A Bit Further To Fall
Friday's above-expectations inflation report ushered in more selling pressure for stocks. Is there a case for double-digit downside from the June 10 close?
Failed Stock Rally To Be Followed By Much Lower Lows?
The market has generated numerous bullish setup signals in recent weeks. What does history tell us about the possibility of bad signals and additional downside in stocks?
Rare Back-to-Back-to-Back Signal
Did the stock market experience an overdue bounce this week or does breadth data support the final low being in place? How does recent market action align with lows in 2011, 2016, and 2020? How about a countertrend move similar to 2008?
Trend Exhaustion Or Imminent Plunge?
Lopsided bearish sentiment and oversold markets -- is something still missing for stocks to form a lasting bottom? How much further could markets fall?
Will 90% Up Day Flip The Stock Market Script?
The NYSE experienced a rare 90% up day during Friday’s strong stock market rally. Will it be enough to flip the stock market from bearish to bullish?
Fragile Stock Market Could Bring More Pain
How fragile is the stock market? What does history say about the odds for additional declines of 10-20%? Watch this video if you have these questions.
Rare Stock Signal Seen Only 3 Times In 35 Years
An extremely rare reading related to the stock market registered this week - what could it mean for the stock market? Let's take a closer look.
1 to 16 of 765 Posts
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