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Weekly Market Outlook – The Bullish Case Just Got Tougher To Make
Despite the rough start to the week, sparked by concerns over deteriorating trade relations, the bulls made a commendable effort trying to get the market back on track. It wasn't meant to be, however.
Weekly Market Outlook – If The Market’s Going Down, It’s Going Down Fighting
The bears growled last week, but it's not like the bulls willingly, sheepishly rolled over. They at least pushed back, and when push came to shove on Friday, it was the bulls doing the shoving.
Weekly Market Outlook – The Bulls Shut The Bears Up Pretty Quickly
Things were a bit hairy and scary mid-week. But the overbought market clearly wasn't ready to roll over yet. A respectable jobs report for April inspired renewed buying, pushing Friday's close to its second-best daily close ever for the S&P 500.
April Jobs Report Doesn't Leave Much To Complain About
Economists were expecting a solid jobs report for April. They got a great one.
May's Best And Worst Performers... Usually
Here's a look at the industries and groups most like to move the most this month, for better or for worse.
Weekly Market Outlook – This Is Where The Bulls Have To Put Up Or Shut Up
The market is inarguably overbought here. The question is, when might that matter? Now or later, the market remains uncomfortably vulnerable to a wave of profit-taking.
Weekly Market Outlook – Losing Speed At The End Of The Runway
It was hardly a catastrophic loss but it wasn't a gain either. The S&P 500 gave up a couple points in last week's action, with the weight of the incredible gains seen since late December clearly keeping many would-be buyers on the sidelines.
Sector Shakeup: Healthcare Crashing, Technology Soaring
Some sectors are remaining in a bullish mode, while others are reversing course. These trends are worth a closer look if only because they may point to the shape of things to come.
Weekly Market Outlook – Dangerous Lack Of Fear, Or Just Rock-Solid Bullishness?
Stocks were overbought headed into the beginning of last week, but investors didn't care. Thanks to last week's 0.5% advance, the S&P 500 is now up 23.7% from December's low. That's one of the biggest sixteen-week gains on record.
Weekly Market Outlook - The Bulls Charge, But Are Playing With Fire
The S&P 500 managed to gain a solid 2.0% last week, following through on the bullish reversal made a week prior. But, as far as gains go, it was far from an ideal one.
March Jobs Report Wasn't Quite A Solid As Suggested
The headlines were reasonably encouraging, and understandably so. After a pretty miserable February in terms of net payroll growth, March's job growth was relatively strong.
Weekly Market Outlook - The Bulls Push Back, But Haven't Won The War Yet
Not a bad week. While the S&P 500 only gained 1.2% for the five day stretch, remember, it started the week out on the brink of disaster thanks to an ugly selloff two Friday's ago.
FAANG Stocks Update: Netflix Stumbles, Facebook Wakes Up
Since January, it looked like it was going to resume its place as the leader. But, just within the past three trading days, Netflix has slipped, perhaps feeling the weight of its big gains for the past couple of years.
Weekly Market Outlook – A Good Rally Effort Spoiled
It was almost a great week for the market. But, a little scare on Friday got a lot of traction, turning a winning week into a loser. Still, this schizophrenic market could just as easily reverse course again, as it has several times of late.
Weekly Market Outlook – As Breakouts Go, This Is A Poor One
The market was four for five last week, and ended the week at its best close since early November. This is anything but a convincing move just yet. The bears still have a good shot at turning the tide in their favor.
Weekly Market Outlook – Stuck In The Middle With You
Five straight days of losses for the S&P 500 forced traders to rethink how strong this market really is. Even as Friday's action was winding down, the bulls were testing the waters again, with the market never really slipping into too much trouble
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