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Weekly Market Outlook – The Bulls Push Back… Some Of Them, Anyway
The market bounced back from the previous week’s stumble last week, reaching record-high territory as a result. The bigger trend remains bullish.
Weekly Market Outlook – Dented, But Not Derailed
Stocks finished the week on something of a high note, bouncing back from Friday’s intraday tumble to at least break even. The holiday-shortened week was the first loser in the last six of them, making good on last Thursday’s red flag
Weekly Market Outlook – Not As Bullish As It Seems On The Surface
Despite Friday’s bounce from Thursday’s sizeable stumble, for the first time in five weeks the S&P 500 lost ground… although only the S&P 500. The NASDAQ Composite mustered its fifth-straight weekly win, reaching new record levels as a result.
Weekly Market Outlook – Still Not The Kind Of Recovery Effort The Bulls Want To See
A tough week turned real bullish real fast on Friday thanks to a poor jobs report for April. Payroll growth came up short of expectations, pushing the unemployment rate up, and leading traders to believe the Fed may be cutting interest rates sooner.
Weekly Market Outlook – To The Brink, But Not Past It
The bulls answered the call last week, pushing firmly back against the prior week’s rout. That is, the previous week’s 3.0% tumble, the S&P 500 bounced 2.7% last week. It’s a much-needed glimmer of hope. Just don't grow too hopeful too soon.
Weekly Market Outlook – Everything Just Changed, Yet…
The S&P 500 took a hefty 3.0% tumble last week alone though, snapping several important technical support levels in the process. The best thing going for the bulls now is the scope and speed of the selling, which sets the stage for a snapback bounce.
Weekly Market Outlook – One More Bad Day For Stocks Could Do It
For the second week in a row, stocks suffered losses. And this time around, the market was dragged to the brink of implosion, but not past it. It’s close, though. It’s so close that one more bad day could push the indexes below key technical floors.
Weekly Market Outlook – Cracks Are Starting To Show, But The Rally Remains Intact
Stocks suffered a loss last week -- the biggest one in a while. Worse, the move shattered what had become a technical support level. There’s still a decent chance, however, the market could bounce back into bullish form without moving lower first.
Weekly Market Outlook – Just Chuggin’ Along
Following through on the prior week’s rebound, stocks (mostly) made more progress last week despite it being shortened by the holiday. The longer-term uptrend is still alive and well. There’s decent reason to believe more upside is possible.
Weekly Market Outlook – The Rally’s Renewal Is 0% Surprising
For a couple of weeks, it looked like the market might have finally succumbed to the weight of its recent gains. But, the bulls were able to put the rally back in gear before it completely stalled. In short, the rally is still alive.
Weekly Market Outlook – Small Cracks Showing, But Don’t Panic Yet
Stocks suffered another loss last week, albeit a small one. And, depending the index, no serious damage was done. Moreover, in the one case where a key floor did finally start to break, several more are still below, waiting to stop the bleeding.
Weekly Market Outlook – Friday’s Pullback Was Scripted, And Not Yet A Cause For Concern
Friday’s jobs report eventually tipped the stock market back into the red for the week. Or, maybe that wasn’t the reason, but rather, just the trigger. Perhaps stocks were going to peak and pull back on Friday either way.
Weekly Market Outlook – Riding The Bullish Guardrails
Despite the rocky start to the week, the bulls finally got on their horses to push the market to yet-another new high. Perhaps more importantly, the Nasdaq Composite finally punched through a technical ceiling that frees it up to keep moving higher.
Weekly Market Outlook – A Good Week, But Not A Perfect Ending
Stocks bounced back from the setback seen a week earlier. But, the advance was less than ideal. The S&P 500 slowed down when a well-established technical ceiling was tested again. However, that doesn’t mean the bigger-picture advance is done.
Weekly Market Outlook – Still Plenty Of Technical Support In Place
We warned you a week ago that stocks had rallied too far, too fast. Last week they paid the price. The S&P 500 lost 0.4% of its value over the course of the prior five trading days.
Weekly Market Outlook – Technical Resistance Dead Ahead, Just Don’t Sweat It Too Much Yet
With last week’s 1.4% advance, the S&P 500 is up 7.0% for the five-week stretch. The market is just rolling. On the other hand, with last week’s romp, the index is now bumping into pretty-well-established technical resistance.
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