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If You Think It Matters, This Is The S&P 500's Current, Stretched Valuation
It's only the S&P 500 that's oddly overvalued. Small-cap stocks, as measured by the S&P 600 small-cap index, is actually about as cheap as it's been in years.
Weekly Market Outlook - The Buying Stopped When The Going Got Tough
Stocks got off to an amazing start last week, bouncing back from the previous week's drubbing and on the brink of a major technical breakdown. But when the S&P 500 had a chance late in the week to touch new-high territory, the bulls weren't ready.
How The Unemployment Rate Rose Despite Strong Job Growth In January
U.S. employers added another 225,000 to their ranks last month, marking the second-best reading since the middle of last year, and extending what's effectively the longest-ever streak of job additions.
This Renewed Rally Is (Still) Anything But Balanced
There's no denying the market rebound that took shape last week has been fun, carrying lots of portfolio values to new highs.
Weekly Market Outlook - A Valiant Effort, But The Bulls Ended Up Flinching
After a rough start to the trading week it looked as if the bulls were willing to regroup and start hammering out the next leg of the bigger-picture rally. Once that bearish gap was closed though, the bears dug in again.
Option Greek Lesson: The Gamma Trade-Off
The typical option trader at least understands the concepts of "Greeks" like delta and theta, even if they're not actively considering them when they pick option trades.
Weekly Market Outlook – Coronavirus Supplied The Nudge, But Stocks Were Already Vulnerable
Friday's setback sent a clear reminder to all traders that they can't turn their back on stocks for a second. Although the indices aren't yet past the proverbial point of no return, the bearish end to last week should at least serve as a red flag.
Weekly Market Outlook - The Market's Moving Higher Because Stocks Are Rising
Another week, another winner, with the bulls seemingly picking up the pace. The S&P 500 logged more record highs, advancing just a little less than 2.0% for the five-day stretch.
Yes, This Is A Rarely Seen Extreme For Stocks
If you think traders have rewarded the market for good news every time good news has been circulated - but hasn't punished the market for bad news - you're not crazy. That's exactly what's happened.
Sector Rotation: This Is One Strange Puppy
If you think the past few days -- or the past few weeks for that matter - have been typical ones for the stock market, think again. It looks normal with just a quick glance, but a closer look reveals it's all been radically imbalanced.
FANG Stocks Update: Time For Role Reversals
FANG stocks as a group may be collectively up to the tune of 35% for the past twelve months, but they've hardly moved as a herd.
Weekly Market Outlook - Record Highs, But Something's Missing
The market didn't start last week on a bullish foot, but it didn't take more than a few hours for the bulls to get back at it and drive stocks to record highs.
December Jobs Report Was Just Fine - Don’t Sweat The Pessimism
The headlines painted a less-than-enthusiastic picture of the report, but December's jobs data was actually pretty healthy. The unemployment rate remains at a multi-decade low 3.5%.
Can Facebook Rally To $245?
Facebook has been on fire but the stock eventually will pull back. Here's where to buy the dip in the shares.
The Market's Losing More Traction Than It Seems
With nothing more than a quick glance at Tuesday's modest loss, it would be easy to assume we just hit a patch of turbulence.
Weekly Market Outlook - Bending, But Not Breaking
It was a valiant effort, but the market, or the S&P 500 anyway, could muster a sixth straight week of gains. The NASDAQ Composite did, but even so, it was an ugly effort. The weight of the gains since early October are simply too great to shrug off.
1 to 16 of 166 Posts
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