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Happy Fibonacci Day! Here's What You're Celebrating, And Why.
Happy Fibonacci Day! While it's not a federally recognized holiday, it's something worth noting all the same even if you don't get the day off.
Despite The Dip, The Recovery Remains Intact
The market ended last week in the red. But, the loss was small... small enough to not sweat. None of the indices lost enough ground to say they'd reversed course from the rebound rally put into motion six weeks ago.
Weekly Market Outlook – Things Just Got Much More Bullish
It wasn't the sort of a beginning of a bounce we normally like to see. Namely, the market left behind bullish gaps on Thursday and traveled a little too far, too fast. The trick will be letting stocks cool off without undermining the new uptrend.
Midterm Election Fallout: Political Gridlock Or Not, The Coming Year Should Be Bullish
We're beginning the third year of a presidential term with or without gridlock, which for some reason tends to be a very good year.
Block Stock: Here's How To Trade It On Earnings
That said, the decline in PayPal has softened, perhaps as the bulls buy the dip in sympathy to Block's post-earnings response. At one point, Block was up 18% on Friday.
Weekly Market Outlook - Not Over Every Hump Yet, But This Is A Decent Start
The second winning week in a row did much of what the first week couldn't. Namely, the key stock indices cleared a few technical hurdles. There are still a few more ahead but this is a good start to at least a shot at the usual year-end bullishness.


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