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Weekly Market Outlook – Hope Is Quickly Fading
If the bulls don't act fast and act big, the market could slip to the point where the straggling bulls throw in the towel and let some more serious damage unfurl.
Don't Read Too Much Into Wednesday's Bounce
Credit has to be given where it's due - the bulls won the day. Stocks were up an average of about 2.0% on Wednesday, ending a short-lived but harrowing selloff that shaved the S&P 500 by about 7.0%. If nothing else, investors can take a breath.
Weekly Market Outlook – The Fight Isn’t Over Yet
The sheer scope and depth of Thursday's and Friday's plunge set up some buying, as there are still plenty of traders out there that seriously think stocks can never fell in earnest again.
Weekly Market Outlook – Like It Or Not, You Can’t Fight The Tape
It didn't seem likely, but the market managed to tack on more gains last week. In fact, it accelerated a rally that's been in place since late June. Let's recap last week's economic announcements and preview the upcoming economic news.
FANG Stocks Update: Actually, Netflix Has Some Room To Run
It's a move that most traders would be hesitant to follow. FANG stock Netflix bolted nearly 12% higher on Wednesday following news that new subscribers would likely stay on board even after the pandemic subsides.
Weekly Market Outlook – An Unimpressive Win
Stocks logged another gain last week, but it was far from being inspirational. The S&P 500 continues to struggle with technical resistance near its February peak, and the volume behind the Nasdaq's gain continues to deteriorate.


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