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Weekly Market Outlook – No Gas Left In The Tank
Seemingly encouraging data about an end to the trade war was enough to send the S&P 500 up to the tune of 1.09% on Friday. For the week, that meant a 0.6% gain ... nowhere near enough to say the market is now off the fence.
Weekly Market Outlook - The Recovery Effort Was Impressive, But Not Decisive
The market may have snapped back from its meltdown before that meltdown had a chance to get going.
The Russell And Transportation Tell A Completely Different Story
The Russell 2000 and the Transportation Index should be on every skilled trader's radar. The old saying is “it is not a stock market – it is a market of stocks” is very true.
The Fact That You 'Want To Own' Bitcoin Is Why It Won't Last As A Currency
Once the world has maxed out on the number of Bitcoins that can be drudged up, there's little nothing to prevent other cryptocurrencies from taking shape. And they already have, by the hundreds.
Weekly Market Outlook - Traders Are Holding Out For Good News
The weakness from two weeks ago could be a fluke, or to a little profit taking after a rebound from August's low. But, with a second losing week in a row - last week's 1.0% tumble being bigger than the previous setback - there's cause for concern.
The Charts Of Canopy Growth Are Missing Signs Of Accumulation For Now
We would rate CGC an avoid for now; here's why.


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