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Chief Evangelist and Educator for PatternCast
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Ernie has been a technology evangelist for over 30 years working in multiple industries. Over the past decade he has focused on fintech tools and systems for trading.

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Market Call On SPY For Wednesday Nov. 11
The signal for Nov. 11 is sell due to low volatility. Maybe time to take some profits. If you are looking for a high probability strategy, combined with excellent return on your capital, there is no better way to trade. Listen to this show.
How To Mitigate Options Assignment Risk
We discuss getting assigned stock from short options and how to mitigate any risk that you may encounter.
Robinhood Is Stealing From You Poor Bastards
Robinhood has ushered in a whole new audience of inexperienced traders luring them with no commissions and easy, no friction account setup. Now let's be serious, do you really think that trading on Robinhood is free?
Volatility Is Back - How To Profit With Options
Here is the proper way to interpret the profile and select an options strategy that will have three ways of winning and one way of losing.
How To Trade This Market Using Volume Profile
The stock market volume profile is the most misunderstood tool available to the retail trader, but not so for the professional. They have been using Volume in Profile, Order Flow, and Market Profile for decades.
Is Gold Sporting A Bearish Flattop Chart Pattern?
Gold Mining has been the hottest sector during this recovery from the pandemic. Many mines were shutdown due to safety concerns, which put a drag on gold production. But now they're back to work, and the opportunities for investors are heating up.
Will The Market Break Out Or Fail - A Volume Profile Analysis
The market is consolidating in a strong area of value. There are no rules that it should break right now, or tomorrow, but the longer it fails to break out, the more the confidence in a break out diminishes.
Consumer Sentiment Surprise Are We Going To Recover Or Bust?
I take a broad look at economic indicators and in particular consumer sentiment. Is the bottom in, will there be new highs, fast or slow recovery. Exciting times ahead.
How Government Free Money Now Will Affect You Tomorrow?
The idea of leveraging asymmetrical risk is not really emphasized in today’s world, are you ready?
How To Buy Gold During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Oil and Fed actions discussion. Overview of current market conditions and how and why to buy gold during the current market crisis.
Coronavirus Lockdown Fever
There is an air of optimism in the market. Is it the plunge protection, is that the government is that the fed or is it market sentiment?
Bitcoin Plus Major Markets, CoronaVirus And Gold
A review of global markets and the impact that the coronavirus has.
Trading Bitcoin - Mammoth Drop Huge Opportunity Predicted
We weren't looking for a huge drop but the window of opportunity is closing today.
Trading Bitcoin - Big Win Still In
Trade review of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin On A Slippery Slope Down - Volume Profile And Market Analysis
Bitcoin is sliding and no amount of hype by pundits and other fools can stop it.
Why I Am Shorting Bitcoin Right Here
Why I am shorting Bitcoin here is the subject of this video and the discernible signals are showing exactly why, despite all the noise about this cryptocurrency.
1 to 16 of 237 Posts
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