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Ernie has been a technology evangelist for over 30 years working in multiple industries. Over the past decade he has focused on fintech tools and systems for trading.


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0-DTE Morning Market Analysis - June 8th, 2022
Will we go up or continue the slide down?
Trade SPX Zero-Days-To-Expiration Five Days A Week
Trading zero-days-to-expiration for three days has been a game changer, but now the CBOE has decided to add Tuesdays and Thursdays to the schedule.
Live SPX Zero-Hour-To-Expiration Day Trade
This video provides a live trading session, demonstrating how we day trade options expiration right down to the very last hour of the contract's life.
Asymmetric Returns Distribution With SPX And 0-DTE
The normal distribution is a theoretical thing that if applied to trading, you wouldn't ever make money because wins would be canceled by an equal, or normal number and size of losses.
The Downside Of Trading S&P 0-DTE Options
There is no such thing as a perfect strategy. The idea of trading S&P 500 options at expiration is no exception. That is what we examine in this video.
How To Find Asymmetric Opportunities With 0-DTE Options
We are hunting for asymmetry in our trades, where the risk is small compared to the potential return. It is the most important aspect of our strategy.
The Case For Day Trading S&P 0-DTE Options
Most day traders choose to trade things like foreign exchange, futures, or penny stocks. None of these have inherent edges built into them. Options do.
The Correlation Between Volume Profile And Open Interest
We use the volume profile for our technical analysis prior to modeling trades, and we found that open interest always correlates well with the profile.
Strategies For Trading The Last Day Of Expiration
They say there's more than one way to skin a cat - well, there's also more than one way to trade the last day of expiration. Let's take a look.
Pin The Tail On The Donkey: Asymmetrical Trading
Do you remember that game we played as kids? If you pinned the tail on the donkey, you won the big prize. That is the essence of asymmetrical trading.
This Never Happens, Then It Did
Volatility is rampant. Volatility is back in the Goldilocks zone. Market moves are biggest since the beginning of March 2020 when Coronavirus hit.
Why Higher Volatility Is Better For Traders
In this video, we discuss why it is often easier to make money in higher volatility environments.
Zombie Markets - It Ain't Over Until It's Over
These markets have no quit in them, even when they are completely devoid of life.
Saturday Retrospective - Oct. 23
Every Saturday talk about the week's trades, the strategy used throughout, and what we can improve on for the upcoming week's trading.
Don't Trade 0-DTE Options On The S&P This Way
In all my other episodes, I tell you how to do things. In this episode, however, I'm going to inform you on what you shouldn't be doing.
Growth: Compounded Or Not
How do you plan to grow your account in the markets? You take what you can and develop a strategy for growth -- and that is today's topic.
1 to 16 of 218 Posts
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