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Ernie has been a technology evangelist for over 30 years working in multiple industries. Over the past decade he has focused on fintech tools and systems for trading.


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Trading Bitcoin - Mammoth Drop Huge Opportunity Predicted
We weren't looking for a huge drop but the window of opportunity is closing today.
Analysis Of SEC Dissenting Opinion Of Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF
We pore over the SEC dissent to the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF and what it means for cryptocurrency investors.
How To Trade Oil Futures Like A Boss
We discuss the way a retail trader can trade oil futures as a spread.
Apple We Must Crush You
I’ve seen all too often with Apple analysts They are setting up to crush Apple stock price. It became apparent yesterday when Apple stock dropped 3% on a poor showing from one of Apple’s chip suppliers, Dialog Semiconductor.
Trading Apple Earnings
AAPL has proven that they can manage a new product, and their current product supply chain, better than any other company in the world. It’s almost a guarantee that they will beat their own forward guidance from last April's earnings.
Trading Multiple Strategies
In environments like the current one, where volatility is extremely low and the markets are near record highs, grinding it out in what appears to be consolidation, most trading strategies in the industry have a hard time maintaining peak performance.
How's That Apple Post Earnings Buy And Hold Strategy Working For You?
Here we are a full 10 days after Apple’s incredible showing, and the stock is more than 10 percent down. Hows that buy and hold strategy working for ya now?
How Did Apple’s Post Earnings Crash Affect You?
This is the problem with trading, you simply can’t anticipate what the big boys are gonna do to screw you.
Apple Market Report For April 6th
Today Apple blasted off at the open and never looked back. And Apple wasn’t alone, every major market joined in on the party. The reason the market got boosted was most likely due to a positive economic report in the PMI Services Index beating expectations.
Apple Analysts Don’t Have A Clue – They Just Follow
The paid financial analysts from the big banks and advisory firms have capitulated and raised their targets.
Another GTAT Exec Saw Apple Writing On The Wall And Cashed In
Who can blame a company executive, a principal shareholder, for dumping his stock when he knows it’s only a matter of time that his company is going bust, when your major client decides not to do business with you?
Who Do You Believe About Apple Growth, Analyst Hacks Or A Self-Made Billionaire?
Analysts like Mean Gene Munster call the notion absurd, quick to compare that valuation to Exon, Disney and the US economy 40 years ago.
What Does Piper Jaffray’s Gene Know About Teens And Apple?
I suspect very little given his past record, and his insistence that Apple will produce a television set over the past two years. Why should we take Gene for his word?
Apple Takes The Lead In Supplier Responsibility, Accountability
When you are the most valuable company on the planet, as Apple is, the company will naturally be the target of reporters, or anyone that can benefit from viewers to their online rag.
Bank Of America And Merrill Lynch Reinstate Buy Rating On Apple
Bank of America and Merrill Lynch both reinstated Apple with a Buy rating and $120 price target. The analyst’s 2015 estimates are above the Street, largely due to expectations of an iPhone “super cycle” in 2015 of 195M units and higher.
Skyworks (SWKS) A Benefactor Of The IPhone Upgrade Cycle
Skyworks is one of several companies that will benefit from the iPhone upgrade cycle, which by most accounts will have enormous affect on Apple share price as well over the coming year.
1 to 16 of 37 Posts