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Chief Evangelist and Educator for PatternCast
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Ernie has been a technology evangelist for over 30 years working in multiple industries. Over the past decade he has focused on fintech tools and systems for trading.

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Volatility's Impact On Butterfly Spread Strategies
With this brief video, you can discover strategies for navigating high volatility in trading as I dive into how to position butterflies effectively.
Mastering Trade Scaling: From 10% Rule To Portfolio Control
In this brief video, I dive into advanced trading strategies and risk management techniques for consistent success.
Comparing Trade Options
Discover the nuances of futures options trading with this comprehensive breakdown.
Balancing Risks With Trailing Stops
This brief video provides a look into effective stop-loss strategies, decision-making in fluctuating markets, and optimizing your trades for success.
Achieving Elite Trader Status With Probabilities
In this brief video, we delve into the world of options trading, focusing on how to play probabilities to your advantage.
Strategies For Success In Low Volatility Trading
In this brief video, you can learn how to establish a bullish directional bias, optimize entry criteria, and manage risk in calm market conditions.
Trade Timing: Does It Really Impact Profits?
With this video, you can learn how to manage risk, navigate market volatility, and uncover the truth about trade entry timing.
Timing, And Butterfly Spreads In Volatile Markets
Explore the intricate relationship between market volatility, VIX levels, and the effectiveness of Butterfly Spread strategies in this brief video.
Set And Forget? Using Limit Orders In Fly Trading
With this brief video, you will discover the art of mastering the Fly Strategy in options trading, even when you can't monitor the market constantly.
Efficient Trading: One-Day-To-Expiration Versus Zero-Day-To-Expiration
In this brief video, you can dive into the world of SPX options and learn how to efficiently navigate premium decay over a week.
Cutting Costs With Unbalanced Flies
This short yet insightful video delves into the nuances of creating cost-effective, risk-managed trades using the SPX.
Why Chasing Wins In Trading Can Lead You Astray
In this brief video, I dive into the realities of high win-rate trading, the importance of long-term thinking, and how to manage both wins and losses.
The Nature Of Our Strategy
In this brief video, you will learn how to leverage asymmetric risk-reward and adapt to ever-changing markets for consistent growth.
The Truth About Automated Options Strategies
With a rich background in hedge fund management and strategy automation, I dissect whether a set system can surpass the ability of human discretion.
Enhancing Your Profit Management Framework
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, this brief video offers valuable tips to refine your trading approach and stay ahead of the game.
How 15% Of Your Trades Can Propel Your Account Upward
In this video, I discuss how just 15% of trades can shape your entire financial journey. I also explain the game-changing impact of position sizing.
1 to 16 of 288 Posts
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