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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more

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Mid-June Reversal In Stocks Continues – Even In Tech & Small Caps
Last week’s better-than-expected CPI and PPI releases have been sufficient to lift the indices we follow and move some out of their consolidation pattern.
Cisco Systems – My Vpa Chart Of The Week
The fall in Cisco has attracted plenty of dip buyers and if we do see a general recovery in the tech sector then there is no reason why Cisco should not be pulled along as well.
Plug Power – My Chart Of The Week
In this comprehensive video, I discuss the volume inflows that have been heading into Plug Power's stock and the interesting story behind it all.
Apache Corporation - Vpa Stock Of The Week
Yesterday’s very modest reduction in US inflation may have given the market a bit of a lift but we still have the PPI today and the PCE later this month. However, as the saying goes, ‘one swallow does not a summer make’.
The SPY And The Tech Sector (XLK)
A look at the significant support and resistance levels on the SPY and consider whether we will see buying coming in as we approach month-end replicating 1st quarter price action on the monthly charts.
Where Next For The XLE?
Given the strength of the energy sector, I think this may be a good time to consider the charts from a volume price analysis perspective to see whether the sector has reached a technical pause point, or whether a deeper correction is on the horizon.
Where Next For Oil?
A look at oil's the daily, weekly, and monthly charts for a view of where the commodity may be heading next.
Volume Analysis: SPY
This week’s weekly close and volume are what we need to watch to see if the current bullish sentiment is to continue.
Where Next For Apple?
Apple has been on a tear recently and the trend higher is a great example of the price action being supported by strong, healthy volume.
SPY Defies Recent ‘Death Cross’
It will be an interesting end to this first quarter but as always it will be volume that validates the price action.
SPY Ahead Of Quad Witching
A quick look at the daily and weekly charts for the SPY on Quadruple Witching and following the FOMC on Wednesday.
In Tech We Trust
Moving to the slower charts allows us to smooth out the intraday volatility, gain a clearer perspective on key support and resistance levels and perhaps determine the short-term bias for the indices. And as always volume is key.
An Update On Oil
A quick look at the oil price ahead of this Wednesday’s OPEC meeting when the cartel is expected to raise daily output by 400k barrels per day.
Update On Tesla As It Continues To Struggle
An update on the daily and weekly chart for Tesla.
Classic Volume Price Anomalies On The Daily Chart For Southwest Airlines
The pattern of price behavior for Southwest Airlines is one we are seeing on many stock charts at present with weak efforts to rise being followed by reversals.
A Pause Point For Oil On The Monthly Chart?
It would be worthwhile to consider the monthly timeframe for crude oil, given the bullish sentiment which remains firmly in place and helped higher by geopolitical events.
1 to 16 of 619 Posts
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