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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more

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It’s The Aussie Dollar In Focus In The Trading Session Following Rba And Issues In Chilean Copper Mines
The Aussie dollar was very much in focus in this session with both an RBA statement overnight and also the ongoing issues in Chile.
Normal Service Resumed For Oil, But Expect Congestion At $72.50 Per Barrel
The excitement following the recent OPEC meeting is now a dim and distant memory and as the waters calm following the market’s knee-jerk reaction, it’s business as usual for crude oil.
The Weekly Chart For Walgreen (WBA) Confirms The Bearish Picture
There are reasons to be cheerful for this stock, but in the short to medium term, it looks set to track lower, and down into the low 40’s before finding some much-needed support.
A Check On The Monthly Chart For Gold To Offer Some Insight Into The Future
The bullish tone for gold of 2020 has not translated through into 2021, and it seems we are set for further congestion as the metal struggles to move away from the $1800/$1900 per ounce region while developing an increasingly bearish tone.
Normal Service Resumes For US Indices
We are deep in earnings season, and with the Tech giants returning some stellar numbers, this should help the NQ Emini to drive ahead taking both the YM Emini and the ES Emini with it.
Volume Reveals The Truth Behind The Price Action For WTI Oil Futures
The sharp sell-off for crude oil following OPEC’s announcement regarding supply management gave us another classic example of volume price analysis in action on the daily chart and how it reveals the truth behind the price action.
Bitcoin Now Moving Lower To Test Some Key Levels As Volume And Volatility Continue To Drain Away
The daily chart for Bitcoin is now starting to approach some key levels. In addition, the price action coupled with volume is particularly revealing for the medium term.
Doctor Copper Looking Rather Sick
The extended bullish run for copper has most certainly come to an end for the time being.
The Daily Chart For Litecoin Reveals Some Interesting Differences To Bitcoin
A look at the similarities of Litecoin and Bitcoin's daily charts, and some differences which may ultimately prove to be interesting.
Wyckoff’s Second Law Now In Play For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies On The Daily Chart
When the explosive breakout occurs the levels of interest for the development of the trend are described by the volatility candle of the 19th May with the ceiling at $43,500 and the floor at $28,500.
COG: Cabot Oil & Gas Now Starting To Move
The volume is low and confirms the selling pressure has been absorbed and is followed by two up days on good volume.
Reasons To Be Cheerful For Oil Bulls
With the OPEC meeting front and center stage, it’s time to consider the daily chart for the WTI futures contract once again as we come to the end of the trading week with the monthly NFP release also ahead.
Why Bitcoin Is Still In Congestion And The Key Levels Which Will Signal A Breakout For The Cryptocurrency
Many Bitcoin traders and investors are wondering what has happened to crypto and why it is apparently still in a long-term congestion phase, and to answer this question we need to consider the daily chart.
Another Solid Week Of Gains For Crude Oil – So Where Next?
As expected it was another positive week for crude oil for the WTI August contract which closed at $74.05 per barrel.
South West Airlines Looking Weak On The Daily Chart (LUV)
It’s been a tough eighteen months for airlines as they continue to wait out the end of the pandemic travel restrictions, all the while drowning in a rising tide of debt.
Is Marathon Oil (MRO) Set To Make A Marathon Comeback?
Marathon Oil is certainly one stock to have on the radar right now and for several reasons.
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