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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more


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Sell In May And Go Away For US Stock Markets?
A worrying time for longer-term investors as we approach that time of the year when the old adage of sell in May and go away comes to mind as all three of the major US indices struggle to maintain the longer-term bullish momentum.
A Good News Story For The Gold Bugs
A cluster of two levels on the accumulation and distribution indicator are now coming into play at this level and helping to cap off any advance.
Oil Prices Remain… Oil Logged!
WTI futures oil prices continue to remain waterlogged.
Iron Mountain (IRM) Continues To Climb
There are two strong reasons to expect to see this stock continue its longer-term move higher and on towards $42 per share and beyond.
Gold Now Developing A Bullish Trend
Last week was a significant one for gold and one which will have cheered gold bugs who might be cautiously optimistic when considering the daily chart for the precious metal and it’s not hard to see why.
Huntingdon Bancshares A Nice Steady Performer With More To Come
Huntingdon Bancshares is one of those steady low-cost stocks which continues to produce an even climb rate on the daily chart.
The Technical Picture Of Gold Is Dominated By The Volume Point Of Control
The issue for gold at present is that in the timeframes from the daily to the monthly there is one ever-present technical indicator that continues to signal congestion and that’s the volume point of control.
The Significance Of The Weekly Oil Chart
Of all the timeframes and charts for the WTI oil futures contract, it is perhaps the monthly which is the most revealing and one I have referenced many times in my analysis of oil.
Masco – An Example Of How Bench Marking Volume Can Highlight Anomalous Price Action
The daily chart for Masco is an example of where we have anomalous price action.
A Great Example Of Volume Price Analysis On The Daily Chart For Fastenal
Applying the volume price analysis methodology is about analyzing the chart and identifying one of two things and put simply it is this – is volume and price in agreement or disagreement.
Will Walgreens Break Above $55 Per Share?
The recent attempts to move this stock higher have failed and in addition, look anomalous. The stock looks quite toppy at the moment.
Where Next For Oil, Assuming The Blockage In The Suez Canal Can Be Cleared!
From a technical perspective, oil looks to have reached its zenith for the time being at the $67 per barrel region, and was unlikely to rise further owing to various key resistance levels coming into play.
Gold Is Doing Its Best!
Gold is doing its best to battle back but finding it a real struggle on the daily chart and with a congestion phase now developing, some important levels of resistance are building as a result.
Johnson Controls Set To Deliver Further Upside
For Johnson Controls the breakout comes on volatility and high volume which took the price of the stock to $53.
Jay Powell, Everyone’s Favorite Uncle!
Yesterday Jay Powell played the part of a kindly uncle offering reassurance to a beloved nephew with a message of uncomplicated simplicity which can be summed up as follows: ‘Don’t worry and carry on, I have your back.’
Wyckoff’s Third Law In Action As Caterpillar Jumps Higher As Expected
Caterpillar is another of my bullish stocks from way back to 2016, and one which continues to deliver, closing as it did last week at $229 per share with a solid up candle on the daily chart following a period of congestion between $215 and $220.
1 to 16 of 450 Posts
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