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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more


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GIS Now Testing A Key Price Level Ahead Of Earnings
The first quarter of 2019 has been a positive one for General Mills Inc which has seen the price of the stock rally from the low of $36.42 of last December, to currently trade at $47.39 at the time of writing.
Selling Climax Almost Complete For ALX
The reason for the weak technical picture is the price pattern the stock has developed since early February coupled with the volume profile.
Oil Now Developing Bullish Momentum
The daily chart for oil this year could best be described as lackluster as oil prices have been in an extended phase of congestion, but today’s price action may be the portent of some bullish momentum developing in the near future.
Extreme Volume Raises Alerts On MLNX
The trigger for the current bullish run was the initial break away from the volume point of control at $42 which saw the stock rise to $90 before a further injection of volume in January.
Clear Signals For Volume Traders On The Weekly And Daily YM Emini
Last week’s move lower in the indices, and in particular on the June contract of the YM would not have come as a great surprise to traders and investors who apply volume price analysis as a methodology.
OFLX Delivers Some Great Volume Price Analysis Lessons
Should the next few weeks of price action be associated with strong and rising volume there is no reason to suppose that this stock cannot regain the highs of July 2018 when it touched $95.
Financial Sector Now In Congestion
The key level for the future is now in the $27 region where we have a low volume node and therefore any breakaway from the current congestion should see this pierced with ease provided it is supported with good volume.
Levels Update For GBP/JPY
A quick update on some key levels for GBP/JPY following Monday’s move lower and in particular the 146.63 price region.
Citigroup Continues To Trade In A Tight Range
Citigroup continues to tempt and tease longer-term investors, as the consolidation phase of price action which began at the start of the year shows no sign of abating just yet with some key levels now building.
GBP/JPY Stalls And Looking To Correct
Downside price objective first comes in at 147.03, then at 146.63. To the upside 147.30 is first resistance.
Gold Waits On FOMC
For gold investors, the break of the strong resistance at $1340 is hugely significant, a move that has been helped by a weaker USD as the precious metal now tries to push on towards the $1400 price point.
Indices Again Wait On China-US Trade Talks
A quick look at the indices following last week’s strong close on comments and speculation of a positive outcome to the China-US trade talks.
Gold Facing Strong Resistance
$1320 and $1340 levels still key for gold as a rising USD has added to the of the precious metal, and both the weekly and monthly charts reveal the strength of resistance at these two price levels.
Indices Wait On Trade Talks
Last week’s close lower in the VIX coupled with Friday’s late buying of the indices has continued as we start a fresh trading week with focus once again on US-China trade talks, which have now resumed.
Gold Gets A Helping Hand From A Friend
The relationship with the US dollar index falling strongly, as gold rises with equivalent speed, and given the cooling of both rhetoric and hawkish intent, this pattern looks set to continue for some time.
A Classic Accumulation Phase Of Price Action For GE
It’s been a relentless move lower, but now with the accumulation phase completed, expect to see GE continue to rise in the longer term.
1 to 16 of 192 Posts
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