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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more


Duke Energy Finally Breaks Out But Lacks Conviction At Present
In the last three weeks, we have seen the stock break through the ceiling of resistance and move higher, however, not perhaps with the conviction, one might wish.
A September Breeze Replaces The Storms Of August For Equity Markets
September has breathed fresh life and optimism into US equity markets which have shaken off the summer woes and reinstated a more measured and even pace higher as risk on sentiment builds.
Gold Pauses On The Monthly Chart
The start of a new trading month and with markets quiet for the Labor Day holiday in the US, is a good time to consider the monthly charts for a longer-term perspective, and one such is gold which has been characterized by a volatile trend higher.
All About Levels And Volume For The ES Emini
The futures contract for the S&P 500, neatly reflects that of the AUD/JPY albeit in a more extreme way and mirrors the ‘good news bad news’ stories for risk assets such as equities as the US and China continue to trade punches.
A Dramatic Day For The AUD/JPY
A fascinating day on the markets yesterday and not least for forex, which not only had some dramatic price action but unusually accompanied with ultra-high volume on a day when the London markets were effectively thin for the Bank Holiday.
Where Next For US Equities?
Where next for us equities? This is the question exercising many investors, and whether we are now witnessing the start of a longer-term bear trend.


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A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis
Anna Coulling

Here in the UK we have a product called Marmite. It is a deeply divisive food, which you either love or hate. Those who love it, cannot understand how anyone could live without it - and of course, the opposite is true for those who hate it! This same sentiment could be applied to volume as a trading indicator. In other words, you are likely to fall into one of two camps. You either believe it works, or you don't. It really is that simple.

A Three Dimensional Approach To Forex Trading
Anna Coulling

If you aspire to becoming a full time forex trader, then this is the book for you. Even if your dream is perhaps more modest, and you simply want to have a second income trading the forex markets, then again, this book is for you. It has been written with one clear objective in mind. To explain how and why currencies move in the way that they do, using the combined power of relational, technical and fundamental analysis.

Anna Coulling