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I have been trading the markets for over 15 years and writing market commentary for almost 10. For the past five years, together with my husband David, we have been developing a network of websites with the aim of providing traders with a broad range of market education. You can find details of ... more

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Short Squeeze Or Reversal In Trend?
With indices attempting to rally following the carnage of the last few weeks, the question now is whether the price action of the last few days is a genuine reversal in trend from primary bearish to bullish, or simply a short squeeze?
Cable Reverses On Stopping Volume
A solid reversal on cable on the 3-minute chart signaled as always with volume and one which also introduces another plan of the volume price analysis methodology which is support and resistance.
London Open Trap Strikes Again On The NZD/JPY
A good example of the session crossover traps which occur at the London open and this example is on the NZD/JPY 3 minute chart this morning.
Sentiment Change Signaled On The AUD/JPY
Volume price analysis is a universal methodology that can be applied to all markets, whether spot, cash or futures, a fact often overlooked by many traders, and in particular those trading forex.
Time To Buy A Big Mac?
With the massive sell-off in the US markets beginning to show signs of slowing and a return to more regulated trading, many stocks are now looking cheap, and one such is McDonald’s.
Before And After On The GBP/JPY 5 Minute Chart
There is a nice congestion phase building on the 5m chart for the GBP/JPY and one which introduces several elements of volume price analysis.
Time To Buy Silver?
To answer this question we need to consider the volume associated with the recent sharp sell-off.
Pounding The Pound
Cable has been suffering the most as continued heavy selling of the pound is balanced by equally strong buying of the US dollar as it rampages higher, and so creating the perfect combination for a sustained trend.
A Tale Of Two Stocks
Chlorox has soared whilst Boeing has plunged and they are almost a mirror image and it is interesting to note the strength of buying in one and the strength of selling in the other, both confirming the price action accordingly.
An Important Day For Oil
Oil was no exception today and joined the sea of red in most markets, but for volume traders today was an interesting one when we consider the volume on the daily chart and compare this to other days.
But Not So Good For Silver!
Whilst gold is on a tear at the moment, I thought it would be interesting to check out the monthly chart for silver, to see what is in store for the industrial metal. And it’s a very different picture.
Evey Picture Tells A Story
Every picture tells a story and the same could be applied to any of the daily charts for US markets as we come to the end of a dramatic week and I’ve settled on the YM Emini for March, the futures contract for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Rally For Oil Fades Quickly
This week’s rally for oil was a short-lived affair.
A Bright Shiny Year Awaits Gold Bugs
With a low volume node now approaching a move to $1700 per ounce and beyond is imminent. And from there, towards the $1896 per ounce high of 2012. A bright shiny year for the gold awaits.
An Anomaly On The Daily Chart For Gold
There is an anomaly and as such a trap being sprung as the big operators are not participating in the move lower, and hence we expect to see a rally developing which is already underway.
The First Signs Of Buying On WTI Daily Chart
Over the next few days and weeks expect to see a congestion phase develop, with further mopping up of selling pressure before a longer-term reversal and rally higher develops.
1 to 16 of 339 Posts
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